chapter 22

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" The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it ."

                       ~Nicholas Sparks

Tooba's p.o.v

I was watching TV after aftari when Neha came and sat beside me.

"So tell me what is the color of your Eid dress?"

I looked at her dumbstruck.

Yeah! We reached Islamabad yesterday.

Everyone was beyond happy to meet us.

Beejan is contented after meeting her sons together.

"Its 25th fast don't tell me you haven't brought your dress yet."
My jaw dropped to ground.


"No! I forgot."
I said .

She looked at me shocked.

"What you forgot? To buy a dress for Eid? Is this a thing to forget? I must knew that those idiot brothers of mine won't take you for shopping."
I rolled my eyes.

"Go get ready. We are going for shopping."
She said standing up.


"Yeah NOW!!"
"OK but who will take us?"

"We will go with driver uncle."

I said standing up and moved towards my room.


We reached market in half an hour.

Neha was talking on her phone and I was checking out market when my gaze fell on a girl.

She was busy in talking on her phone and was unaware of the car coming towards her.

Her back was facing me.
I looked at her then at car and without thinking for a moment I dashed towards her.


We both fell on ground with a thud.


I scream left my mouth when my elbow got in contact with ground.
"Are you okay??"

I managed to sit and asked that girl.
She nodded..

Her back was still facing me.
Neha came running towards me.

"Are you OK Tooba??"

"Yeah I am fine."

By hearing my voice and name, that girl's head snapped towards me.

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