Chapter Two: Young Devil

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It has been a few days since I have travelled back in time. Things have been quite peaceful these past few days and I mostly spend my time reading books at the enormous library in my father's study.

While going around the mansion, I was bound to run into Torez from time to time. Whenever I saw him chills ran down my spine and It would feel like I had returned back to those torturous days under Raelia's rule.

 However I always reminded myself, I am now back to before it all started and I will not waver. I will definitely change the future.

Well, going back to the positive side of things, my days also passed by quickly with me holding small picnics under the dazzling sun and on the well-maintained field, which took up almost one third of the estate, with Mariah and Aaron. However every time we went on a picnic I would feel quite left out as Mariah and Aaron would be lost deep into each other's eyes or maybe I am just imagining things.

Mariah and Aaron will make a great couple though, Mariah with her quick wits and elegant air and Aaron with his exceptionally good looks and gentle personality.

As I was thinking about how well they suited each other, Mariah entered the room and at the sight of her I almost spilled the tea I had been drinking on my beautiful, lavender coloured dress.

"Miss, are you okay?!" Mariah shouted as she ran towards me.

With a fit of coughs I replied, stammering, "I-i definitely...cough...wasn't thinking about-t you and...cough... Aaron together-r."

"Miss, what are you even saying? First calm down and then talk," Mariah said with a concerned look in her eyes.

I regained my composure and responded, "Never mind. I am fine now. I really am so get rid of that worried expression from your face, will you?"

"Yes Miss...if you say so. What do you want to do now? You have almost finished your tea," Mariah asked.

As I caressed by knee-length crimson hair, I said," I would like for you to braid my hair for today and then let's pay my father a quick visit. I haven't seen him in quite some time because he is always busy with work."

"Surely Miss. I will call Sir Aaron to escort you to your father's study." Mariah answered, obediently.

While Mariah braided my hair I asked, "Mariah why did you choose to work for our estate?"
Mariah replied in an instant, "Because the Marquess has a good reputation and always takes care of his workers and pays them well. I have two younger siblings whose mouths I have to feed and educate. I don't want them to do the job of a maid like me when they grow up. Ah, that does not mean that I don't like doing this job, its pretty good!"

"I know that, no need to get flustered. What job would you have done if you didn't work here as a maid?" I asked out of curiosity.

With a tender smile on her face, she said, "There is no other job I would have preferred over this. The Marquess is a gentleman, the workers are friendly and above all the miss is so kind. I consider everyone here my family."

Hearing these lines made guilt take a hold of me. Guilt, as I had not trusted her and rather believed in Raelia's words. I am sure she had a hard time taking care of her younger siblings after she was fired, even more so because she was fired for a scandal like stealing the jewels of a noble woman. No other proper noble family would hire her after such an incident.

I stood up and looked into Mariah's hazel eyes and vowed, "Mariah this time I will definitely protect you without fail so that you can do this job until you grow old and have grey hair."

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