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OVERWHELMING FEAR ENCLOSED AROUND HER, forming a tight hold on her. A dark ghost embraced her, caressing her, coaxing her into an elegant dance, pulling her further. She sat in the corner of a dark room, her head leaned back, her eyes rapidly looked around the room. Any moment she would have a gun against her head and she'd face death once again. It wasn't normal. To be put in harms way constantly was not supposed to be normal. The feelings of fear that she had were not normal and it caused bile to rise in her throat, sweat fell from her brow.

Her mind was loud, screaming obscenities at her.

The night ravaged her mind. Blood oozing out of the man's head, his body dropping to the ground as if he was a rag doll, the stench from the gun released after the bullet, all of it was burned into her, causing a great pain in her chest. With every pump of her heart, it tore even more, the trauma creating an affect on her. She swore that any moment she would die, her heart bleeding internally until it was drained of everything and the rest of her body would go into failure, leaving her a dead woman.

Although she was already dead. She died long ago. 

She couldn't recognize herself. The woman she used to be long ago was the reflection of her father and everything she has been working for was to be an individual outside of the expectations her father and mother bestowed upon her. She has become even more pathetic than the loving woman her mother wanted or the strong and capable businesswoman her father desired her to be. 

Her feelings oozed out of the cracked walls, desiring for someone to help her through the madness of her mind. Not since the bullet shattered everything had she been able to rebuild the walls to the pristine condition they had been before. Many times she had to suffer through the pain but she found herself thinking about him. 

Her mind always find its way back to him. And for a moment, it does help her through the madness. Her fingers twirl the chain, the small gem that he gifted her when they finalized their agreements was in the palm of her hand. His voice calms her every time. It was soothing as she submerged herself further into her memory of him. The sound waves of his voice were carved into her. He was a part of her and she couldn't rid of him. No matter how much she tried to drink him away it seemed it only grew.


Oh god did she miss him. How she wished she could see him once more but he had all that he needed. Fuck him. But jesus, she missed him so much it pained her. Her heart ached so much and she couldn't figure out why. 

It pained him more than anything. 


Fucking hell he missed her. He was wished he could have fought for her instead of letting her go off. A good fucking woman who stood between him and a bullet. In the middle of a battle that wasn't hers.

He laid in the cabin, still healing from his injuries, only a day away from the inevitable reunion, one he had anticipated for a long time. He sat up, his shaky hand pulling out a cigarette and placing it between his lips, loosely hanging. His body ached, leaning against the wall, he thought about her.

All he could think about was her. Every time he slept, he dreamed of her in the grass on top of the hill. He dreamt of her riding on Pharaoh, the slight smile on her face with the wind blowing her hair back. Her beauty greater than the scenery behind her. No care in the world, free from the burden of responsibility. He wished they were back on that hill, where he could watch her and not have the sickening worry eat him alive for her safety.

The night he was beaten Sabini sent a message, one that caused all of the fear that he had to brew up his throat. One that made him prepare for war to protect that one woman despite everything he has done to her. 

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