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THE GLORIOUS, GOLDEN GATES OPENED, her eyes watched with wonder and amazement. She was escorted by Thomas who walked alongside her with his hands shoved in his pockets. He felt her emotions of pure joy radiate off her body as she walked. This feeling of joy was only ever brought in establishments like this. The sounds of the trumpets, children laughing, men gambling. It was music to her ears.

Her fingertips grazed over the wooden accents on the walls. The plans she had to bring nature and incorporate it into the architecture was something she emphasized talking to the head of construction and the architect who overlooked the process. She applauded them for it. Planter boxes were lined up and down pathways with strategic placement with the suns rays pointed at them through the large glass planes at multiple points of the day. There was a healthy contrast in color, greens, gold, and light cream walls.

She turned her eyes onto the path she was walking along, not aware of the hand that rested on the small of her back, leading her to where her cousins would be. She was too immersed with the beauty of the establishment. Her eyes shifted up, straight ahead the long pathway was a large painting of herself with Pharaoh.

In the painting, she wore an elegant blue dress, matching the color of the horse's number placed over his body. Horse number one, the winner of the Kentucky Derby for first time. Her hand rested on the horse, her body turned in an angle but she faced forward, a small prideful smile upon her lips. She remembered the sheer joy she felt once she watched Pharaoh run past the finish line, winning by a stretch.

"Never has he let me down... He has always been a winner in my eyes," She spoke, directing her words towards Tommy who seen the horse often. Pharaoh was a popular horse on the track, constantly the favorite who has a fairly pristine record, not too many losses. He'd visit the steed whenever he got the chance, a routine he tried to keep up with whenever he had the time. However, as of recent, he was unable to make his visits as often as he would have liked.

That part of his life was slowly coming to a close. He would never see her again and coming to the track every day was his desperate attempt at holding onto her. He cared for her more than he expected. She was the image in his head that he couldn't let go of.

He couldn't believe she was beside him but there she was... A wretched feeling formed within his chest but he couldn't bother to acknowledge it.

"Even when he lost, I could never be ashamed." She hummed, her hands wrapped around the hand rails that were mounted on the wall. She was silent, staring at the picture of herself for a moment longer before she spoke up.

"I'd like to see him now." She turned her back to him, heading into the direction of the stables. He followed her, impressed with her sense of navigation within the facilities of the place. However, he reminded himself she was the one who created the floor plans in the first place.

She took in as much as she could. She could not get over how stunning everything turned out to be. She was proud of the success the track had become but she couldn't say the same for herself. Obstacle after obstacle took over her path to success.

Her head bowed as she made her way down the tunnels up to the infield stables that were off to the right side of the track. The horses were allowed to train for the public to see and further have an idea as to which horse they would like to bet on. She figured that the public would be more willing to spend their money if they believed their horse was actually going to win. She wasn't necessarily concerned about profits as she should have but she needed to keep everything running some way.

Her hands shoved into her pockets, pulling out two pieces of candy. She held one out to the man who made it a point to stick with her despite the fact that there was obvious tension between the two of them. She supposed she appreciated his efforts. His presence helped her slowly readjust to the city and all of its "glory."

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