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The curly haired boy stood frozen.

His internal screaming were barely contained.

His arms were wrapped around the redhead's waist, he felt his heart melt into the hug.

She quickly let's go and glues her eyes on the ground, feeling her face heat up.

"Uh- freckles you wanna get out of Diana's bathroom?"
He chuckles a bit and awkwardly scratches the back of his neck.

"Good idea Dognapper."
She smirks as she slips out the bathroom, leaving him alone.

The boy's eyes were amazed.

Damn, she's good.

He follows her out to the crowed floor.


Diana was watching from afar, clenching her red cup with swirls of red and yellow.

"That bitch-''
She mumbled under her alcohol filled breath.

She felt a electric thrill come upon her. It could have been the drinks or maybe it was her growing rage, but she knew what she wanted to do.

"Who wants to play 7 minutes in heaven?"
She says with a smirk.


Gilbert Blythe was never one for parties, let alone games, but the boy felt a feeling that he had to do this.

"Uh I don't know.."
He spoke as he looked down at Anne.

He was taller, but not by much.

It was one of the things that the redhead liked, but the boy never noticed.

The freckled girl bit her lip and looked at Diana.


They all quickly sat in a circle, The redhead finding Ruby fast within the circle and sat next to her.

The curly haired boy felt himself frown a bit, but just sat down.

The redhead was wondering where Ruby was the whole party, but that itself remained a mystery.

"Ok, this is how the game works. We will use this spinner to see what two people go into the closet for 7 minutes, aka the name of the game. Whoever refuses to go, has to drink."
The Raven haired girl held out the spinner from a board game, and slowly put the heavy alcohol.

The redhead looked over at Ruby who was staring at another.

"You have your eye on someone I see..."

The redhead whispered loud enough so only she could hear her.

"Oh shush Anne, I see the way you look at G-''

"So who's going to spin first?"

"Uh- I will I guess?"

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