The Final Dawn ( 51 )

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The sky was a warm amber as the sun just peaked out from behind the horizon. Given our location, I could only amuse it was around six or so. The park opened at nine, but I didn't know how soon the workers would be here to open. But I did know that they wouldn't take too kindly to a bunch of teens breaking in. Even if they looked as battered as we did.

"What the hell just happened?", Roy questioned.

"Shadow travel", Sardis answered simply as he stood up.

"Cool", Roy said out of breath.

"Why do I feel like I just drink away my life-saving?", Alex groaned.

"The first times the worst. Don't worry it will pass", I smiled at him.

He only groaned in response. In the distance, I hear the similar sound of leathery wings flapping against the wind. I turned and saw three large dragons. Blue and Aurora flew in from the east gently landing on the concrete path before nuzzling their riders in a grateful hello.

From the opposite direction, a large black dragon leaped from the sky and tackled Sardis to the group playfully. Before licking him happily, covering the black-clad man in disgustingly sweet drool.

"Orion, okay, okay. I missed you too buddy, but stop it", Sardis laughed at the overgrown puppy.

Orion ended his assault on Sardis. But it was too late for the black dragon rider who was already drenched in dool.

"I missed you too, Old friend", Sardis smiled and place his hand on Orion's snout.

A happy roar from behind me broke my eyes from the heartfelt scene. I turned and saw Athena and Raikou walked towards us. I saw Athena torn between running to me or staying near Raikou who limped slowly over to Ty. I made my away over to her to lift her stress.

As I looked over at Raikou and Ty it was clear that they share pain. Raikou slowly found his place at Ty's side and purred at his rider before nudging him. I nuzzled my face into Athena's snot and patted her large head.

"Will Ty be alright?"

"I think so. He just needs time."

Our reunion was cut short as the earth rumbled and thunder crack in the sky. At the commotion, Raikou covered Ty with his body and hissed defensively.

"Earthquake?", Roy yelled.

"If only", Sardis sneered.

Black smoke erupted from the cracks in the ground and Cinderella's castle became a beacon of darkness as all of the smoke pooled there.

"I don't know if you gentleman pray, but if you do, now would be a good time", Sardis said warily.

"Zeref", I hissed.

"Indeed. It seems he has already reached full power", Sardis explained.

"He just painted the floor with us minutes ago. How are we too beat him at full strength?", Alex questioned, fearfully.

"We can't. They only thing that might have a chance at beating him is the light of Spero."

I felt everyone's eyes on me as I started ahead at the pillar of smoke at the castle.

"No one will ask you to fight alone, Larisa", Sardis comforted, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"But I have too don't I? He'll kill anyone else", I said turning to look at him.

"Spero will protect you from the darkness but only you. But that's not to say I won't fight by your side anyway."

"We", Roy said nodding at Alex, who reapated it.

They all smiled at me enoucouingly and I couldn't help but feel warm knowing I had them as friends. But then my gaze feel down to Ty. He was alive but only by chance. I couldn't risk their lives even if they were willing.


"No?", Alex questioned.

"I won't risk your lives. Only thing I need from you is a sword."

Sardis smiled at me and handed me the hilt of his black blade.

"I hope it serves you will. But facing Zeref with just a sword is unwise and Ty would have my head if I sent you into this fight unprotected. May I?", He said reaching out his hand to me.

I was unsure by what he ment but I stilled reached and took his hand in mine. He pulled my hand up to his mouth and gave it a small kiss. In an instant a cold black mist blanketed my body for only seconds before vasishing as quickly as it appeared. I looked down at myself and saw I was know dressed in bight sliver armor. 

"It's a perfect fit", I mused

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"It's a perfect fit", I mused.

"Of course it is. You think I'd give you anything less?", Sardis smirked.

"Never. Thanks, Sardis", I said walking over to Athena.

He smiled at the new nickname, "You better not die. Ty will kill me."

"I won't dream of it", I said mounting Athena," Now if you all excuse me. I have to go make a scene."

"We'll get Ty somewhere safe and deal with the rest of Zeref's forces", Sardis explained.

I nodded at him and wished the other luck. I glanced back to Ty before Athena pushed off into the air, heading straight to the storm of black smoke and lightning at the top of the castle.

I couldn't stop myself from looking back at my friends. They stood together as they watched me go, their faces all showing different emotions. Alex was worried and it was clear on his face because he looked like he swallowed a frog. Roy was a different story, He smiled brightly at me with his arms in the air and yelled like he was cheering on his favorite hockey team. Although Sardis stood still with his arms crossed and nothing but a small smile on his face. Ty laid peaceful on the pavement dead asleep but he too had a smile on his lips as if he knew what was happening around him.

A morbid thought struck me as I knew this could be the last time I ever saw them, but I quickly pushed it out of my head. I didn't have time to think like that. I needed to see them again. I had too.

"We will see them again, Larisa."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I can't, but we can't afford to lose."

"I know."

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