― ten: alone

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[ CHAPTER 10 : ALONE : just yesterday morning, they let me know you were gone. suzanne, the plans they made put an end to you. i walked out this morning, and i wrote down this song, i just can't remember who to send it to. i've seen fire and i've seen rain. i've seen sunny days that i thought would never end. i've seen lonely times when i could not find a friend. but i always thought i'd see you again. ]


          PARKER CAN'T PUT HER finger on it, but something is entirely too interesting about Leo Parker. Is it the way he easily gets on her nerves―knowing how to hit the right buttons―or is it the way he cares so needlessly without actually knowing her? He just thinks he knows her, and that seems to propel him into a position of a protective older brother. She's not sure whether that's frustration, weird, or sweet. And yet, all it does is make her want to know why Leo is so bothersome and worried for her when he doesn't even know her.

          "Leo, bought it?" Cameron questions as she comes up beside Parker in the middle of the hallway. The brunette is barely capable of looking at the blonde, let alone, thinking back to the muddled conversation between her and him. Parker glances at Cameron, eyes boring into hers with slight aversion. "I'll take that as a yes." The blonde replies, grimacing ever so lightly.

          The two walk in silence as they show only poker-faces, heading towards the front of their campus. "Olivia told me that Sunny's punishment is going to be rough, and―" The blonde grips a hold tightly of Parker's arm, stopping her from walking further. The brunette stares back with knitted brows of confusion. Cameron takes a deep breath as a wince lights up her face. "No matter how bad it is, you can't interfere. They don't like that―something ten times as bad, could happen to you if you do. Just, let what happen to her...happen."

          "What could be so bad?" Parker scrunches up her face.

          Nothing would make her throw her game, for another person. Unless that person's life is in danger. No matter how bad she feels for Sunny, Parker is not going to intervene. She's going to pretend like she has no clue what the hell is going on, and instead of getting involved―she'll just leave. Alongside Cameron, who she's positive won't intervene in the first place.

          The blonde tries her best to keep a tight hold on Parker, but the minute they take two steps into the parking lot, the brunette is too far gone to be pulled back in. "I swear, Parker, just leave it be." The brunette's eyes are as wide as saucers, as she takes in the scene in front of her. She doesn't even hear Cameron anymore, as all her focus is pretty much lost.

          It's juvenile, truly.

          But it doesn't stop Parker from freaking out.

          Sunny stands before a large crowd of mainly upper classmen females, drenched in a gooey-thick-yellowish-and-white substance―possibly a mix of eggs, and flour. Some of the girls' smirk, and snigger in Sunny's direction. Others can't help but laugh, and cackle at the sight of the small girl wrapping her arms around her body. Small cuts and bruises form over the fragile girl's body―probably from being attacked or cornered by the girls.

          The drenched girl whimpers in her spot as she crouches low on the graveled floor. Parker's mind boggles, as she turns on her heel to stare back at Cameron with a glower. "We can't stop this? They're torturing her!"

          The blonde shrugs, "Not my problem, neither is it yours."

          Parker opens her mouth to say something, but is cut off by a high-pitched and echoing scream. Turning to face the noise, she comes face-to-face with the sight of one of the upperclassman girls―Mary Kensington, possibly―smothering Sunny with carbon dioxide gas from a fire extinguisher. Sunny falls to the floor as the white gas spreads around her. Girl's continuously taunting and laughing at her. Others, further back, watch in awe. "Are they idiots? That can fucking kill her?" Cameron tries to grip a hold of Parker's wrist again, but she easily twists out of it.

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