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Rayna's POV

My breath caught in my throat I can feel tears swimming in my eyes as I look up at those cold eyes that I Know all too well . I know she said that you knew I was here but why did you have to come now I think to myself in sadness . I should've known my peace wouldn't last long . My thoughts are interrupted by a tightening of metal on my wrists and I begin frantically looking around trying to figure out what's going on .

Where am I?
Fear immediately shoots through my body as I realize I'm no Longer at the Hospital . Instead I feel myself on a hard bottom floor and my back against a thick metal pole I've been chained to . As if Sensing my spike in fear Johnathan laughs " Go on , make that expression again , show me more." I hate how weak I feel , how helpless I feel. A hot tear makes its way down my face . Dammit . Dammit All   "Awe stop your going to make me feel bad" he taunts . Stop it I think to myself but that doesn't stop more tears from making themselves known, soon a puddle being formed on my gown . Please just stop He brings himself down and leans closer to my face gripping my chin " I love your faces , I wish you could see them , you look so helpless , you know no ones going to save you right ? I don't appreciate that stunt you made me pull in the house knowing I had guest over . But it's okay because you just need to be re-trained, I've given you too much freedom, but by the time I'm done we'll surely never have this problem again. " he said with a smirk.
No one will save me
I was stupid to think someone would come
I don't even know where I am
Even with knowing that why did I long for someone to end this nightmare.
"What are you thinking about hm? You should be focusing on me." He says followed by a stinging sensation on my cheek.

" No response hm? Maybe I'll just have to beat it out of you." He said his smirk growing wider with A tinge of annoyance and amusement on his face.

"Do me A favor , don't die too quickly okay? At least try to make this fun for me." He says gripping my hair in his fist.
And with that , my 27 days of pain started.

Alois POV

Regret . I knew something was wrong when I first arrived at the house . Her beautiful eyes, that were yesterday looking at me In curiosity, she seemed so strong minded that other morning. So why is it in her own home her eyes seem to consistently be filled with fear, pain,sadness and emptiness? My Mate is so beautiful , she deserves the world and I want to give her that . "No we will give her that. Nothing less " I can't help but agree with Kade as he speaks with pride and assertiveness for our beautiful mate . Still, I know something isn't right, why did she seem so scared when she realized she was at a doctor? Why will no one tell me what's going on . It's been a whole 24 hours since I've seen her and I miss her so fucking much . My Dad told me Dr.Brian advises she not have any male contact near her for the time being , I didn't understand why, why does it matter if I see her ? She's my mate. I feel myself starting to get angry , before I snap my pen unconsciously bringing me back to my senses . Sigh... I take a deep breath in attempt to calm myself down . " Fuck it I need to see her " I get up and quickly make myself to the spare room they moved her to , as I'm getting closer "I don't sense her." My wolf Kade says to me causing me to worry a little "Maybe we're too far? It could be different distance standard since she's not a wolf " I tell him. But frankly even I'm worried . As I find myself in front of her door

I still don't sense her . Fuck . I hurriedly open the door only for it to be locked. Somethings wrong. We both agree . I could go back and get my keys to try and unlock it but she could be in danger right now . I pause and take a step back and kick in the room door . My Breathing immediately stops and my eyes dart all over the room expeditiously . Feeling my blood begin to boil at the smell of a familiar male rogue masking her beautiful scent . "Where is my MATE" . I feel myself losing control at the thought of her being hurt as my wolf lets out a ground shaking growl before yelling "WHERE IS SHE".

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