Chapter 10

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A/N: slightly mature chapter ahead

Sejin walked by us to let us know that take off was in thirty minutes.

"Joonie oppa"

"Yes iris" he said looking up from his book

"What's your book about?"

"Ah it's actually a book on how music theory came to be and about the beginnings of music."

"Interesting, but definitely not my kind of book."

"So what is your type of book then"

"I like young adult fantasy, action, dystopian, among others"

"Among others? Hm. could i find that among others on a wattpad under a certain username you use hm?" he speaks with a deep gravelly voice

I freeze. This man really is too smart for his own good. I look over to see his book closed and his eyes staring at me, and his mouth smirking. Since everyone had listened to our conversation, naturally, I soon hear laughter and tae is quick to say

"Were not laughing at you petal, were laughing at the fact that Joon can't control his hormones and choose now to go all dom"

Joon schools his features and replies to taehyung practically growling

"What do you want me to help you with something baby boy?"

The laughter grows, including my own at Taehyung's face. Taehyung then teases back

"So what if i do"

Joon looks like he's about to pounce but Jin starts to massage his shoulders, winding him down to his normal down to earth self, with a bit more strength behind his gaze. Jungkook then speaks, somehow taking on a very mature lead

"Guys i know we talked about how we were going to handle hormones and our things but we definitely have had no such talk with Iris, who by the way looks very amused at all this."

Hoseok: "She definitely doesn't look uncomfortable that's for sure."

They all look to me i just shrug and say

"I'm not that innocent"

Hoseok: "Oh really"

Sejin takes that as his cue to leave but before he goes he says

"I'm really proud of you boys for having that talk with each other, and even more proud that you are including Iris by having this very important talk."

We all nod and Yoongi speaks up

"Now cupcake we don't want to make you uncomfortable in any way, but we need to know what you mean by you're not that innocent. So we know where to start this conversation."

I blush hard and look down

Jin: "we're not gonna judge you, we just want to make sure that we're all on the same page princess."

I nod and decide to speak, very quickly i might add


Taehyung: why so shy petal, slow down. None of us will judge you, we might laugh a bit all in a good way but we would never judge you."

I nod close my eyes and speak

"I've just read things. That's it."

I open my eyes and see namjoon smirking, between Hobi and his demanding aura, I can't help but almost wimper. Almost. Jimin then speaks up

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