Chapter 15: the one where Sophia gets cheated on

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Chris's P.O.V

After few days I was given discharged. When mom and dad came from Australia, mom was terrified. She even told me not to drive again. But then I assured her that I will drive safely.

Emily was with me all the time. She took care of me very nicely. She used to come to visit me daily.

Today I was resuming work after 10 days. I was never the type of person who would stop working for any reason. But this time Emily had made me promise that I wont work till I am completely fit and fine.

Since I was on complete bed rest, I had plenty of time to think about Emily. She was so different from others. She is kind, beautiful, helpful, everytime thinks of others happiness.

I think now I know what to do. I was in love with her. Yesss. I love her. So I am gonna propose her. I want to tell what I feel about her.

I was now ready for office wearing navy blue suit and pant. I headed downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning everyone." I wished cheerfully.

"Good morning." Mom, dad and Soph said smiling.

"How are you feeling darling?" Mom asked worriedly.

"I am feeling perfect mom." I assured her.

"Chris if you dont feel okay, you dont need to go to office okay?" Dad said.

"No dad. I want to resume work now. "

Dad nodded.

I dont know why Sophia was awfully quiet.

"Hey baby sis, you wont give me any advice?" I asked to know whats going on in her head.

"No Chris. It isnt like that. I was just thinking about my college project." She reasoned but I didnt buy it.

"Okay. Come I will drop you."

I wanted to have a talk with her. She was hiding something from us. Maybe she didnt want to tell infont of mom and dad.

As I said in car also she was very quiet. So I decided to straight to the point.

"Soph whats the matter? Are you hiding something from us?"

She got puzzled but said,
"No Chris. Nothing happened. I am okay."

"Soph come on I am you big brother. You can tell me. I can help you."

Sophia thought for a minute and decided to speak up.

"Chris, Ryan was cheating on me. I confronted him and he said that he was with me just because I was your sister means I was from rich and famous family. He didnt like me at all. So I broke up."

By now tears were flowing down her cheeks. That bastard I am not gonna leave him. He is going to die..

We reached college by then.

I took Sophia's hand in mine and said,
"Look at me Soph, Ryan is a bastard. He doesnt deserve a kind and beautiful girl like you. You dont have to cry for him okay? You deserve the best! Stop crying now. You know I cant see tears in your eyes."

I hugged her tightly and told her "Stay away from him as much as possible. Anything happens in college, you call me. Is that clear?"

She nodded.

"Bye Chris. I love you."

"Love you too. Take care."


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