Chapter 16

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"Hey I brought snacks, wait where did everyone go?" Simeon asked, sounding a little sad with a tray of finger sandwiches in his arm.

"They all left." I nodded.

"Oh," He looked down. "Do you still want to each with me?" He asks hopefully, so I couldn't help but smile.

"Sure, I'd love too." I smile. He takes another seat under the tree and I sit next.

"So what happened when I was gone?" He asked with a mouth full.

"Welllllll," I lean back. "Elisabeth said soemthing to Colette like, 'We are supposed to be best friends.'" I say with a higher voice.

"That's strange. Were her and Colette originally friends in the novel?"

"Yes they were best friends. I forgot about them being best friends and befriended Colette without realization."

"Does Colette or Edwin know about this novel?" He asks still munching.

"No..." I mumble looking up at the sky.

"Who all knows?" He asked looking at me.

"Only you and Leon." I say looking at him.

"I see." He nods. We fell into a silence. It wasn't awkward if anything it was kind of calming.

We eventually decided to part ways. I went back to my room, and he went where ever he went.


"Hey what are you doing today Jody?" Colette asked, brushing her hair at the vanity, while I was on my stomach reading a book.

"Just thinking about staying in, how about you?" I ask, flipping through my pages bored.

"Planning on going into town, want to come with?" She asks while continuing to brush her hair.

"Um sure." I mumble sitting up, "Let me change into something better."

"Sounds good!"


"Woah there are so many people here!"Colette beamed. We were in the city square right now. There were people everywhere.

"Is some event going on?" I ask, getting bumped and pushed around.

"Maybe a festival." Edwin nodded and grabbed Colette's hand to keep her from getting separated. Colette quickly grabbed my hand too and gave me a smile.

"So what should we do first?" She smiled.

"Food!" Edwin and I said at the same time, giving each other a high five.

"Look, is that corn? Corn that's still on the cob!" Colette gasped.

"We have to get some!" Edwin smiled. I haven't had corn on the cob in forever. I smiled.

"We will take three!" Colette smiled and payed for them.

"This is so good!" Edwin laughed.

"Agreed, food vendors are the best." I smiled, taking another bite. Both Edwin and I look to Colette who had already finished her corn. She looked up at us with big eyes and butter on her cheeks. I stifled a laugh as she raised an eyebrow.

"What?" She asked looking both ways. Edwin chuckled slightly and walked up to her. He cupped her cheek and she blushed lightly, leaning into his touch with a shy smile. He drops his corn and grabs a napkin.

"Poor corn..."I mumble under my breath. It was unfinished. He wiped her cheek with a blushy face. I felt like I should look away, so I did. Third wheeling at its finest. Oh how nice of a love story they have....I laughed to myself.

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