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AS SOON AS THE guys talked about the meals they could make, she already knew they were more than useless. Alex was talking about eggs, Will about some complicated French dish they had none of the ingredients for and Levi was staying silent, his gaze as bored as ever. The sight made her shake her head and she looked at the ingredients they had gotten, already wondering what they could make. It was then she spotted the folded paper hidden beneath the vegetables though and she smoothed it out in front of her.

"How to make bhapaa aloo and chor chori?" she read out.

"Bengali dishes," Will said, peeking over her shoulder.

"How do you know?" she said.

"My parents like international cuisine," he shrugged.

"He couldn't have just given us easy things to make?" Alex complained," I was thinking about like, a salad. That goes as far as my cooking abilities will take me."

"Well," Ella said as she read the instructions," I was just about to make some Venezuelan dishes my mother taught me, but I guess he upped the difficulty level for fun."

"Such fun," Alex murmured.

But though he complained, he helped with stalling out all the spices, vegetables and rice. From what she could see, the first dish was one made from potatoes in coconut paste and mustard oil, the second one more of a mix of vegetables. It didn't sound that hard at the moment, though she supposed she would find out soon enough.

"Look!" Will said excitedly, holding up a small, black hot plate," it's portable!"

"Wrong vibes, Will," Alex said," we are not happy. Frown more." He waved at Levi. "Take an example from him!"

"This is my normal expression," Levi scowled.

"That's what I mean," Alex said.

Ella rolled her eyes, her hands on both the boys' shoulders. "Alex, go and cut the vegetables with Will."

"Only because you're the one asking, babe," he said, flashing her a grin over his shoulder as he walked towards Will.

When it was just the two of them Levi glanced at her, his expression as unreadable as always. "What about me?"

"Are you actually prepared to listen to me, Levi?" she said, a teasing smile on her lips," miracles do exist."

She had expected him to glare at her, but instead he shrugged. "We worked well together before."

"We sunk," she said.

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