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I am here to deliver another part but FIRST if you haven't heard the Say So remix ft. Nicki Minaj by Doja Cat, I suggest it. It's fire tho. Now on with the story!!

Your pov

Soon, the day of the first task arrived. Hermione woke me up and we went looking for Harry to wish him luck. We rushed down to the common room and flew out the fat lady's painting. The corridors were packed with students going down to the stadium. Hermione grabbed my wrist so I didn't get lost in the crowd. She pushed through the groups of teenagers until we got onto the grass fields where the number of people was more spread out. I caught up to her and caught my breath.
"Slow down 'Mione," I panted.
"We have to find Harry before he goes on!"

We continued to speed walk to a tent pitched by the stadium. I walked to the entrance of the tent and peeked inside. Harry and the other champions were looking quite scared and some were pacing nervously.
"Harry!" I whisper shouted.
"Y/n!" He said with a nervous smile.
Hermione and I walked into the tent. The other three champions were too nervous to notice us.

"How are you doing Harry?" I asked.
"The key is to concentrate. Then you just have to..." Hermione said.
"Battle a dragon," Harry said plainly.
"Y/n, I have to use the loo really quickly before it starts," Hermione said to me. "Good luck, Harry. Just concentrate really hard."
Harry gave a small nod and Hermione left the tent.
"You're going to do really great Harry, I know it," I said.
I gave him a hug. He flushed bright red upon this contact but I didn't notice. Suddenly we heard a loud click and a bright flash. The horrid journalist Rita Skeeter lowered her camera.
"Young love! Oh how stirring! You two might make the front page today!"
"You have no business here," the Quidditch star, Krum said to Skeeter. "This tent is for champions and friends."
"No matter. We've got what we wanted," Rita said, making a bit of my anxiety kick in.
She left the tent as Professor Dumbledore came in.
"Good day champions. Gather round please. Now you've waited, you've wondered and at last the moment has arrived. The moment only four of you can fully appreciate. What are you doing here Miss Y/l/n?"
"Oh um sorry Professor. Just wishing Harry luck. I-I'll go now," I stuttered.
I hurried out of the tent and saw Hermione walking back to the tent.
"Sorry 'Mione. They're about to start."
"Well I'm that case we should hurry!" She said and started to half jog half walk. (You know like the walk jog thing you do when a car lets you cross the street lol)

We walk up the stairs and found a spot. A canon sounded and Cedric stepped out. After a bit of dodging and rolling, he managed to secure the golden egg that his dragon was protecting. The judges gave him reasonably fair scores. The canon rang through the air again and Viktor Krum came out. After a bit, he too had the egg. The judges gave their marks, though Karkaroff's seemed a little bit much. The canon blasted again and Fleur Delacour came out. She also was able to grab the egg, much to my surprise. She had always been a bit of a bitch. To me at least. I flashed back to the many times she made fun of me or bragged about her Veela heritage. The bang of the canon snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw Harry walk out. He immediately ran as close as he could for the egg but the dragon had started breathing fire at him. He hid behind rocks, dodging the flames.

"Harry! You're wand!" Hermione shouted. I joined her shouting until Harry seemed to get the message.
He pointed it at the castle and his Firebolt came shooting toward him. He smoothly hopped on and swooped around the dragon. The scaly creature had broken his chains though and started to chase Harry around the castle. The arena was deadly silent except for a few whispers. Suddenly Harry came flying into the arena heading straight for the egg. The arena once again erupted in cheers. The judges gave their marks which were really good. Karkaroff's biased ass gave Harry a six though.

Harry was rushed to the medical tent shortly after. I slipped through the crowd to see him. Harry was being treated by Madam Pomfrey inside the tent. His face lit up when he saw me come in.

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