― eleven: ride

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[ CHAPTER 11 : RIDE : i'm sorry i didn't see you at the show, i musta missed you. don't think i did that shit intentionally just to diss you. but what's this shit you said about you like to cut your wrists too? i say that shit just clownin', dawg, come on, how fucked up is you? you got some issues, stan, i think you need some counselin' to help your ass from bouncin' off the walls when you get down some.]


          MAYBE PARKER SHOULD'VE STAYED silent yesterday with Sunny. Just gone on with her life, and ignored the potential health problems of a seventeen-year-old. Then again, instead of being pissed off that Cameron refuses to text her back, she could be dealing with massive guilt instead. And that's not something she deals with well. Lord knows she's already her head repeatedly for lying to Leo about Noah, and the whole thing with Victoria. It's all eating her up inside.

          And Cameron isn't helping by ignoring her.

          "Sweetie, where's your friend?" Parker glances up from the kitchen nook, to see her mother hovering over her, holding a bowl of rank looking oatmeal. Not far from where she sits, is Rose drinking―like always. "Are you two fighting?" Parker frowns, yes, would be her answer. But she needs to keep up appearances. As if everything is perfectly fine. Her mother will freak out otherwise.

          Parker shrugs, "I'll walk―she has a family emergency."

          "What about Victoria, should I call her mother?" Parker immediately shakes her head. Her fingers latching onto her mother's wrist to make sure she doesn't go off and cause needless trouble. The last thing she needs, is to get Victoria further involved than she already is. "Are you sure, sweetie? I'm sure whatever's going on between you and Victoria can be put aside for a ride to school." Her mother's smiling at her, and patting her head but Parker can only frown and wish for the woman to stop.

          Rose injects herself into the conversation. "What about your friend from yesterday?" She asks, looking pointedly at Parker. Parker stares back, handing her a look that screams 'shut-the-fuck-up'. Rose doesn't, and only continues. "You know, the one who drove you home yesterday!" Parker's mother looks back at her with a puzzled expression, mirroring a similar one on her father's face who's sat in front of her reading through his files.

          Rose is smirking at her, winking.

          Parker's glaring at her, frowning.

          "What other friend?" Her dad asks―glancing up from his papers to fix his glasses and look toward her with a raised eyebrow. "What's her name?" Both of her parents look entirely too interested. And Parker can feel herself freezing. This is not good. Her parents don't like her being involved with the opposite sex. They don't want what happened to them―or Rose―happening her. They just don't want her having sex, at all.

          "His name is Leo," Her father's eyes bulge as he sputters out the coffee he was previously sipping. Her mother, too, freaks by shifting to sit in the chair beside her. "He's interesting―Cameron had a huge English paper to write yesterday, so she stayed in the library, and Leo offered to drive me home." Her father clears his throat, as he looks at her. Looks at her like he can't even fathom the fact that a guy could possibly be near her. That pisses her off.

          Parker glances over at Rose, "You know what, Grandma?" The older woman glares back at her with her nails digging into the grip on her cocktail. The woman hates being referred to as a grandmother. Makes her feel old. "You're right, I'll text him now." Parker's lips taunt her with a grin, as she falls into the bar stool with a huff. Don't mess with me, Grammy!

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