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THE FOOD FAILED MISERABLY. Though the rice and salad were both fine, mostly thanks to her and Levi's intervention, the spices had been unfamiliar to both of them and all the cauliflower had gotten was Alex' salty remarks. So when they walked towards the clearing again, none of them were excited for the game night, all of them hungry.

"God," Alex said, his eyes raised to the sky," please let some good food fall out of the sky."

His prayers were only answered with a scoff from Levi and an amicable pat on the back by Will, neither of which did much to quell the dissatisfaction. Even when they reached the others, Alex didn't move to annoy Clarkson, something which surprised them all, the man narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

After deciding Alex wasn't up to no good, he squared his shoulders and placed his hands behind his back, his booming voice resounding throughout the clearing again.

"Gather, my criminals, it's time for a night of fun."

"Let us sleep, you tyrant!"

"What if we don't want fun?"

Ignoring the shouts of the students around him, he merely divided them in four. Ella looked around at the nineteen other people in her group, including the boys, and spotted Trevor and Ava quickly. Whatever fun Clarkson had been talking about, she was sure she wouldn't experience it tonight. With the way Alex was already fuming and Ava's gaze had grown cold, she only expected there to be drama and soon too.

"The first game we're going to play is Werewolves," Clarkson said," for those who don't know it, you'll get cards with a role on them. If your role is a werewolf, you're supposed to tap someone's shoulder to kill in the night, when everyone's eyes are closed. If you're a citizen, you're supposed to speak up at day and find out who te werewolves are, only to sentence them to death."

"I take every complaint back," Alex said, eyes gleaming," I think tonight is going to be very fun."

"That's the right spirit, Alex!" Will beamed.

Ella didn't think their mindset was alike at all, Alex' eyes trained on Trevor and Will chatting away with her and Levi, his expression warm. She had resigned herself to the drama, so for now she only hoped she wouldn't be involved in it, though at this point she doubted it. Somehow she attracted trouble wherever she went anyway.

"In case you all need another reminder," Clarkson boomed then," violence is absolutely not permitted. If I see you touch anything but each other's shoulders in a friendly tap, punishment will follow."

"First he lets us murder each other," Ava said amusedly from behind her," then he tells us to do it in an amicable way. You'd think he was making a joke."

Ella turned to her, happy to see the girl again. They hadn't spoken a lot before, but the prospect of becoming better friends with her sounded alluring. Clarkson told them all to make a circle then and she took a place between Ava and Levi, not missing how Trevor sat opposite them, his gaze still following Ava.

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