Chapter 3 - Secret

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Hoseok laughed. The maknae line were so funny. He has been watching their Vlive for 10 minutes now and they just visited Namjoon and Seokjin.

He looked over at Yoongi who is busily scribbling away on a sheet of paper. He was writing some more lyrics again.

Hoseok put his phone down and walked over to Yoongi.

"Come on Yoonie, you've got to take a break sometime, we have another concert tomorrow and you don't want to be tired do you? I know you need to write some lyrics but we will have plenty of time after the tour." Hoseok whispered quietly and kissed Yoongi on the neck.

"I will, let me just write down what I am currently thinking so that I don't forget." He replied.

"Okay." Hoseok said and went to lie down on his and Yoongi's bed.

Hoseok continued to watch his dongsaeng's Vlive until they finish.

"Yoonie, when are you going to finish? I'm lonely and in need of attention." Hoseok whined as Yoongi was still at the desk in the hotel room.

"Done!" Yoongi exclaimed.

He stood up from the chair and slowly walked to the bed and slid in beside Hoseok.

"I'm sorry okay, Seokie, I will give you time, I love you very much but you also know that our group could do very well and I want to do my best for our group. But you know I love you very much and more than music." Yoongi said to Hoseok and sealed it with a kiss on the lips which Hoseok responded back with.

"I love you too" the younger replied as he snuggled up next to his lover and fell asleep.

Hoseok and Yoongi have secretly been dating before they debuted. They spend a lot of time together and always helped the other when they were in their heat or rut. Always being the first to volunteer for the other and the other members still hadn't noticed how much they wanted to be around the other and the couple were very glad about it. They worried that the other members wouldn't love them or they would get kicked out of the group for being gay and also dating when Hitman Bang had made it very clear that they weren't allowed to date anyone so they were really risking it and their career has barely begun!

They were mates and wanted to confirm it by dating and hopefully marrying the other once they had disbanded and begin to have their own lives. They can keep this a secret for as long as it needs to be. Maybe when they disband and no one remembers them anymore or when the have a loving, dedicated fandom that would accept them and if Hitman Bang is happy with them dating even though they had clearly disobeyed his rules and regulations when forming the group.

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