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"So. . yeah" Keefe oh so elegantly concluded. Sophie stood just slightly behind him, holding his hand for support
"Yeah? Yeah?!" Fitz asked, obviously getting angry. The edge to his voice made keefe step in front of Sophie more
"Fitz, don't be mad, please? We just didn't work out..." Sophie said, moving forward a little
"Huh, really? Didn't notice" Fitz spat, turning away with a scowl
"Fitz" Keefe's voice had a hard edge, and a dangerous warning "clam down" he tried to take a few deep breaths, but had very limited success
"Get out" Fitz said simply, he teal eyes narrowing on where Sophie and Keefe's fingers intertwined
"I'm sorry, what?" Keefe asked
"Leave. I don't want to say something I regret" Fitz said, crossing his arms
"But-" Sophie placed a hand on Keefe's shoulder, squeezing lightly
"Ok" she said, pulling Keefe out of the room, the heavy door thudding shut behind them and echoing in the empty hallways. It sounded way too final for Sophie. Almost like this was the end. Keefe heaved a heavy breath, running a hand down his face.
"Well" he mumbled "that went... about as good as I expected it"
"Went better then what I was prepared for" Sophie agreed. Keefe's laugh had slightly dark edge as they walked down the halls, their hands sill latched together. The silence was defining as they walked down the corridor, Sophie's heeled boots making a click, click, click. She thought back to how Biana had cornered her and asked if she liked Keefe, then flip flopped to hate it when she caught them together. She wasn't sure what had changed, but something definitely had.
"You good there, foster? Getting some weird vibes off ya" Keefe asked
"Yeah... people are just confusing sometimes" she explained
"People can be the worst" Keefe nodded. Sophie's sighed. "So, on a scale from one to ten, how mad to you think we made WonderBoy?"
"Probably around a twelve. He was so mad he wasn't mad anymore" Sophie shuddered as his cold, emotionless tone ringed in her head, get out.
"Yeah... after he's done brooding for a week or two, he should be be fine" Keefe shrugged. Should be. Those words came back to haunt them.

Two weeks passed. Then three. Soon, it was Tuesday on the fourth week of Fitz doing the absolute lest amount of talking he could to Keefe and Sophie, and they were getting worried
"How long can he stay mad?" Sophie asked one day, while sparring Keefe during training
"Who knows. I've seen him hold insane grudges for less then this so.... I'm going to say he can stay mad for the rest of our lives"
"Which might not be too long if you keep talking and don't train!" Sanders squeaky voice cut in
"Fine!" Keefe made a lunge for Sophie, but she easily parried, then stabbed him right in the ribs where he was open
"Ok, no more going easy" Keefe decided, faking going for her shoulder, then pivoting and delivering a blow right to her stomach
"Ok, no more easy" Sophie agreed. She ran at him, as much as the small ring could allow, and raised her dagger in a arch, going right for his chest. He held his own weapon out, preparing for a block, but right as she got to him she slid, 'cutting' him right along the leg. Keefe smirked, and as she got up met her, his dull blade and hers meeting right in front of her face. She was prepared, though, and getting really strong with how hard they had been working lately. He channeled his energy into arms, giving her an extra shove. She stumbled, startled, and he has enough time to land a blow to her shoulder. She came after him once again, but he ducked, and stabbed her in the back as she harmlessly slid past him
"And with that, I do believe I win" Keefe smirked.

"So, I'm guessing you told him" A voice cut out from no where behind Sophie. She turned, looking for the source "oh, right" Biana dropped her invisibility, showing up right behind Sophie
"Um.." Sophie asked
"Sorry, I've started doing it subconsciously sometimes. I've even started to blink when I walk" Biana grinned, but her face dropped when she remembered what she was there for "anyways, you told him, didn't you?"
"Uh, yeah" Sophie mumbled, clutching her school books tighter
"Knew it. He's been stomping around Everglen for weeks, and this whole... situation is the only thing I could think of to get him this mad" Biana nodded, pleased with her detective work "I'm sorry for being.. rude earlier. I had just talked with Fitz about you guys breaking up and I felt bad for him, even if I knew you broke it off with good reason"
"It's okay" Sophie smiled, pulling Biana in for a awkward half hug, trying not to spill either of their school supplies. As they pulled away she noticed how empty the halls where getting "but we should both go to class"
Biana nodded, turning down the hall and shooting one last relived glance at Sophie

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