sixteen: "Quit hitting me women!"

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You winced touching the area of your now bruised cheek, your eye slightly swollen, but not that much that you couldn't see a thing.

You wondered how you were going to cover it, will the make up even help with that dark shade of blue and purple imprinting onto your skin?? You hoped it did.

You weren't much of a make up person. You barely owned any make up besides mascara and lipstick. So, this resulted you in stealing your older sisters foundation which probably won't work for you considering you both have different  complexions. Marvelous.

Your mother probably didn't even have foundation either. The twins were too young to wear make up, not like they cared. So, you were doomed.

But, unfazed, you threw a baggie hoodie on, black sweats, and left your hair loose to cover the bruise. You actually didn't care if people saw it, but people being the curious creatures they are, they would bombard you with questions.

Sighing, you carefully smeared the ointment jungkook provided you onto the dark spot. You were surprised by jungkooks kind gesture, genuinely thanking him for his concern but he just shrugged it off by stating any decent person would do this and that you shouldn't take it to heart.

You wanted to tell him that he wasn't just any decent person, but held back and just accepted the ointment.

You recalled laughing at jungkook because he was so persistent on sending you to the hospital, since you said some stupid stuff, that jungkook did not inform you of. So to save yours and his, especially his  embarrassment, he didn't mention a word of it.

You didn't remember much, only the fact that someone had such a iron fist to slam you with a PUNCHING BAG to the ground. You hope you never meet that person and if you did you would avoid them.

No one can know about that incident. You doubt jungkook would say anything because of how closed off he is.

You were curious about jungkooks personal life; if he had friends, what was his childhood like for him to be so emotionless.

You pondered on many things that structured jungkook to be an asshole, strict, disciplined, a cold hearted b-

Yeah, you were not about to judge a person, who may seem like a jerk, but maybe, just maybe, is actually a good person. Eventually he may warm up to you. You nervously gulped to that.

With you mask covering your face and your hood over your head, you made your way out of you room, patting tiger on his head as you passed him. You walked downstairs head low and quickly made your way to Sunmi's car, climbing in the back seat and closing the door behind you.

"I'm honestly not even gonna ask" Sunmi muttered and started the car.

You and sunmi were very different, even though you were siblings, you both looked nothing a like. Your sister clearly got her looks from your mom and you from your dad, even though your parents were not that tall, Sunmi got her tall inheritance from your aunt while you got your slightly shorter figure from your grandma.

The twins however were replicas of your great grandmother.

Even though they were younger than you, they both stood taller than you. You sometimes wondered if your got switched at birth since your sister's are all beautiful and have incredible figures.

Sucks to be me.

The car suddenly stopped and you peeled your eyes open, groaning that you had to exit your sisters vehicle after snoozing off.

You got out, your back to sunmi as you waved goodbye and headed straight to the schools fields where your friends have probably been waiting upon your arrival.

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