Traveling with my Stalker

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Alexis's POV

"Who are you?" I ask.

He jumps, getting startled at my sudden appearance. His eyes widen with panic. 

"Who. Are. You?" I repeat.

He contemplates what to say, realizing full and well that he can't get out of this. I simply stand and wait for him to answer, not moving an inch. He sighs, "I'm Do-Song." He starts and waits for a reaction. I motion him to continue. "I'm your brother's friend."

Now I'm the one who's shocked. Just great. I encountered one of my brother's sent stalkers. 

I can yell and call the police on an average street pervert, but this is a different case. I may not like this situation, but I won't send the poor soul to jail. "How did he even do this?" I ask, mainly to myself. I take a closer look at him. He's above average, but nothing too special. His black hair is wavy from a perm, and messy, but not because of laziness. I can tell he pays attention to fashion, by the looks of his white branded T-shirt, and light blue ripped jeans. Not the type you would expect to stalk an innocent lady such as myself.

"What made you agree to walk around and follow your friends little sister? It's a bit much." I direct towards him.

He smiles, "He told me not to tell you." He looks more attractive when he smiles, but I don't feel anything. Too bad for him, my heart is taken up by seven idiots who will never love me back. 

"Okay, can you leave?" I demand, wanting to enjoy my time here. If this dude interrupts my trip, we're gonna fight. 

I really hope that he is the only one my brother told to do this. At the airport, he said, 'a few,' meaning plural, but I never know with him. 

He scratches his head. "Not really, but why don't you let me show you around, since I'm not leaving," he declares. Man, my bro got him good. "You don't have any plans, right? You were looking around a lot like you didn't have anywhere to be." He's not wrong.

"How about no?" I wait for him to show some sign of leaving, but he doesn't move. I sigh in defeat, "Fine! Lead the way." I hold out my arms out, signaling him to start walking. Instead, of passing me, he smirks and puts his arms around my shoulders, leading us forward.

"Shoot, we're not soulmates. Darn, I thought you were really pretty." He says after touching me. Even better, he's a player. I guess that's why he's friends with my brother; like minds attract. My brother was the biggest player, until he found his soulmate. Now, he's so in love that you would never think he used to be like that.

 I don't react to his sort-of compliment. "If I were your soulmate, the bond would've already started." I mention.

"Point taken."

"Don't touch me." I push his arm off.


We hung out for a few hours, and it was actually pretty fun. He took me to a farmer's market with a lot of food stalls and had lunch. It also had other stalls that sold jewelry, and various art pieces. We went to a busy street with many street performers and magicians. Every once in a while, we would stop and watch the acts. Now, it's nighttime, and we're at a pet cafe.

One of the big dogs knock him over, almost causing him to spill his drink. I laugh and record him as the rest of the dogs trample him and lick his face. I can barely keep the phone up when a cute little white dog jumps on his stomach and hops towards his outstretched arm, trying to get his drink. I hold my stomach watching the scene unfold.

A worker has to come and push some of them away gently. When he sits up, his eyes are dazed and his hair is really messy now. My dying cat laugh causes him to come back to his senses. "I was suffocating to death and you were just sitting there laughing? I thought we were friends."

"It was funny though. Elijah is going to love it too." I mock him, about to send the video.

"No he won't." He tries to snatch my phone, but I'm too fast for him. He gets up and starts running towards me, so I move my butt before I get tackled. Laughing, I run out of the store with a 'Thank you' to the staff as Do-Song chases me. "Alexis, don't you dare send that!"

I turn around and stick out my tongue. He runs faster, but so do I. After five minutes, he is practically shaking after pushing himself too far. I am breathing a bit heavier than before, but other than that, I'm fine. We stop in front of the hotel.

"What..... The...... Hell...... ARE You?" He breathes out.

"Human, what else would I be?"

He takes a few breaths and calms down before he speaks, "Obviously not! You run three blocks without stopping and everything's okey-dokey!" He uses a lot of hand gestures, obviously overwhelmed.

"Maybe you should pay more attention to your health. I run every morning." Don't get me wrong, I'm a lazy person when it comes to some things, but I like morning runs out in nature. It starts my day off well. I'm only lazy when I can be.

"Are you calling me out of shape?" 

"If the shoe fits." I joke with him.

He looks at me incredulously, "I'll have you know, that I have a six-pack under this shirt." He pats his stomach.

"You still can't run, six-pack or not." I start to walk into the hotel, but he comes with me. "Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?" 

He raises his hands up in surrender, "I'm just walking you to the elevator. Brother's orders remember?" He reminds me of how he got here in the first place.

I roll my eyes, "Uh huh. Get out." I stand, not impressed. 

He slouches in mock disappointment. "Fine. Same time tomorrow?" I nod my head in agreement. "Great, save me some breakfast!" He waves before leaving.

I head up to my room after grabbing a snack from the vending machine. I planned to get a few groceries for the rest of the week so I won't have to go out, but obviously that didn't happen. I didn't get a kitchen for nothing, and I want to cook.

Cooking is a big hobby of mine. I did it three, sometimes four times a day, when I was younger before Elijah moved out. Even then, I would cook for Eddie and my mom. It was never a big deal, because I love cooking. It calms me down and makes me happy, especially when I have music in the background.

And now that Elijah lives in a dorm, I don't have to worry about him videoing and making fun of me dancing horribly. It's partly his fault I couldn't get anything done today.

At least I made a friend here. I won't be completely alone on the other side of the world. That fact makes me smile as I go back up to my room.

I might never see him again once I leave in a few days, though.

I'm not going to stay here, after all.

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