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Rayna POV
600,599,598,597 I've been counting to keep myself grounded in this place but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on SMACK . I dazedly open my eyes to a pitch black sight , right, the blind fold. SMACK. My head turns to the side hitting the pole behind me in the process. It's been 26 days since I've had any contact with anyone else besides him . Six days since my hell started, well technically 18 years , 19? 18 ?soon I think , when's my birthday again ? I've been losing track of time I jus- "You just never learn your lesson do you" His hateful voice and gaze falls upon me as his abrasive hand grips my chin forcing my eyes to meet his . He lowers his other hand on my thigh and slowly moves in between then .No... my breathing hitches and I'm sure he noticed by the way the smirk formed on his lips . Please No , he's never touched me too much before , everything was strictly physical pain, he'd pretend he'd go farther but never do it , he has a Wife and A son he wouldn't possibl- pain , it's not something I'm new to but this, this pain is emotionally devastating , why . Why would he put his hand there . He rubs his hand over my underwear " Wow you're a real whore you know? You're that mans mate but look at you letting me touch you , how do you think the alpha will feel after he finds out how dirty you are? How much baggage ." I start tearing up at the last part, I'm not sure what he's talking about , how who would feel, what's a mate ? Who's an Alpha ? I'm drawn out of my confusion by the feeling of one of his large fingers entering me . My heart drops and an instant feeling of numbness over whelms me mentally No... "Have you no shame ? You even let me go this far." He says mockingly.  The tears that were brimming at my eyes now falling down my cheeks as I lean my head back against the pole in defeat. He must've took that as me enjoying it because he smirked and continued adding another making me wince . " Oh yeah, this is your first time right? You should enjoy it because I'm break you so bad you won't even want to be touched by anyone again ." He grips my hair yanking me forward before leaning down towards my ear "Not even that darling alpha of yours." He practically growls out the last part . Who is this alpha he keeps talking about? Please hang on ,I'm coming . The voice says making me jump . Who was that? . It was like... A little voice in my head but louder , besides that it was seemingly a mans voice but it sounded animalistic? I'm immediately taken out of my thoughts by another Slap to the face by a very angry Jonathan . He looks Ready to murder me , he smirks again before unchaining me . "Run and I'll blow your brains out " he says a murderous intent clear in his voice .
Not like I can run anyway, I don't even know where I am . I don't even have anywhere to go? Kyles stationed somewhere. It's not like he can help me. "Come" he motions for me to lay on the bed in the corner of the room . He's not going to do what I'm thinking right? He's done enough he can't possibly torment me anymore  . I slowly back up towards the wall curling into a corner, please, please, please no. he comes towards me grabbing my hair and pulling me to the bed making me kick and  scream " NO PLEASE IM SORRY I'M SORRY PLEASE DONT."  My pathetic please got no reply .
Instead I'm picked up and tossed on the bed like nothing . Scrambling to get up Im greeted by a gun barrel pointed directly in between my eyes. " I told you if you run I'll kill you, and you don't want that right ? So just sit still and let m-" What's left for him to take? "Kill me ." I speak a soft smile making it's way on my face. My voice coming out so cold and monotone that I for a second hadn't even recognized it , I had rarely spoken since being brought here.  Even Jonathan was taken back given the confused and shocked expression on his face . I lean forward putting the gun to my lips as I look up at him . "Please..Put me out of my misery"
I wonder how I  look to him . I haven't seen myself in weeks. I slightly remember my features but not much. I wonder  what can I do to convince him ?  I press my tongue lightly against the bottom of the gun barrel keeping my eyes on his .

"Pretty Please ?"

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