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I COULD HEAR muffled chatter as I came to the surface of my sleep

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I COULD HEAR muffled chatter as I came to the surface of my sleep. I inhale deeply as I reach across the queen bed only to find warm sheets but no body. I frown as I peek one eye open and notice that there was indeed no one sleeping beside me. 

"Yeah, I'm looking at it right now." Chase says to someone and I crane up to see him sitting at the end of our bed. His bare back was facing me and he had his phone pressed up to his ear. 

I rest my head back down on the pillow but at an angle so I could stare at his beautiful, chiseled broad back. I could see where my fingers had dug a little too deep into the skin and I smirk arrogantly. Oh yeahhhhhh. 

It had been a couple days since the gala and I was loving every single second of life at the moment. The love of my life was finally with me and I couldn't be happier.

And to think, I use to only get this happy when they put an extra nugget into my ten-pack from McDonald's. 

I stretch my arms over my head, the movement distracting Chase for a moment and he glances over his shoulder at me. He smiles softly at me and I grin back as I curve my back, feeling my spine crack. Chase turns back to his Mac-book resting on his folded legs. 

I push up from the mattress and slide over to him. I wrap one of my arms around his waist and rest my chin on his shoulder while staring down at the screen. It was the plan of a house and, looking at with completely fresh eyes, it honestly looked like a penis. 

But I couldn't say that out loud when he was obviously on the phone with the client. Or could I? 

I press my lips to his skin before my no-filtered mouth got the better of me. His skin was so soft and smooth and I was fucking jealous because I've seen pictures of his pre-teens and this asshole didn't have a spot of acne or blackheads. It's so unfair. 

My lips trail up his shoulder and his neck. He groans uncontrollably under neath my touch and I can't help but smirk at his reaction. 

"Uh—sorry, I just have something in my throat." Chase lies as he turns his face and gives me a pointed look. I reply with a cheeky wink as I slowly kiss his shoulder again. My hands wrap around the front of his waist and I take my time running my fingers down his prominent abs. Even when he was sitting it was just all muscle and all fucking mine. 

Chase eventually hangs up his phone, and places it on the bed beside him as well as his now closed laptop. He then turns around and pushes me onto my back. 

"What do you think your doing, Jones?" He questions with a small smirk as he hovers above me. His eyes flicker between mine and my lips. 

"I was having fun because no one was paying attention to me." I grin cheekily as he rolls his eyes while his lips tilt up. I reach up and smooth my hands over his shoulders, "Who was that on the phone?" 

"Sam." He answers simply. 

"So I could've said that house plan looks like a penis out loud?" I question, letting it slip before I could even stop. Chase frowns at me in confusion and I elaborate, "Because it kinda does." 

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