You wouldnt.

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Johnathans POV
I look forward at the fair brown skinned girl in front of me . Her now numb , dead brown grey eyes staring back at me with yearning . "Kill me ,please " her previous words replaying in my mind . She can't be serious right? My thought are interrupted by the feeling of a shift in weight being pushed against my guns barrel , she put her mouth to the gun . I watch as she places her tongue against the bottom of the barrel keeping her eyes fixated on me. Her soft smile replaced now with an empty looks "Pretty please  " she adds her voice cracking at the end . I stare dumbfounded What am I supposed to do now? I think to myself You're sick. My wolf internally growls at me . He hasn't spoken to me since I started heavily abusing her , he doesn't support what I'm doing so why does he make an appearance now . I feel water drip down on my feet and I notice she's crying . He's coming I can practically hear the smirk in my wolfs voice . I want to snap at him but he's right . I can sense him . His dark presence now draped in murderous intent . "You do realize if I die you die too ?"  I ask my wolf Raze earning a annoyed laugh I'm prepared to make that sacrifice. I look down at her weak frame as the suffocating air of blood lust almost forces me to my knees. But what else is to be expected from the Alpha of the most feared pack in North America.  And he's here for her .

Alois POV
I could kill him , I could kill all of them , how could they ? Why would they let him take her . I've been looking for my love for 26 DAYS and I can't find any trace of her , I can't even sense her . What if she's d- My wolf immediately becoming enraged at the thought of our mate being hurt .
"Son y-" Who does he think he is ? "DONT CALL ME THAT ." The room shakes at the sound of my Harsh voice . I look up at my father , my mother and sister grabbing my hand for comfort . I stand up getting more enraged this is his fault me and my wolf agree . "YOU let him take her YOU let him take the person most important to me , how would YOU FEEL if someone took mom from you !" He growled at the last part with a fearsome look in his eyes

Does he think I care about that? I could literally kill him right now . "Son I did what was best for her-" bullshit . I force myself to calm my once ragged breathing and close my eyes imagining her beautiful face before opening them again. If I don't calm down now I might break his neck and he's my only clue to finding her , that wouldn't help me or her " You did what was best for her.. by sending her back to her abuser ? The worst part is You won't even tell me why you did it . You're worse than him you even tried to cover it up . My mat- no fuck that A human being was being TORTURED and you knew about it and continued to allow it to go on , even giving them the Opportunity to join our pack?  I thought you were supposed to be one of the wisest Alphas know? I though you were my father ." I spit out the last part in disgust , I don't even know this man anymore . I move towards the door not wanting to hear any of it anymore , I look down at my mom and sisters worried faces before kissing both of their heads ." I'm going to go find her , I promise I'm not coming back without her ." I say with a small smile giving their hands a small squeeze and shooting one more hateful glare at the man who once I considered my father . If anything has happened to her I'm going to kill you I tell him through our mind link causing him to tense at the seriousness of my tone . I walk outside and waste no time shifting into my wolf form , my sense are more heightened this way so maybe I'll have better luck sensing her . I take one look at the house behind me seeing my sister at the door mouthing a small " bring her home"  , I nod my head and with that Dart off towards the forest...
~2 hours later~
I've been running for two hours straight and still I haven't picked up her scent . He wouldn't be dumb enough to bring her back to the old house so theirs no point in me going there .... let's check my wolf says and we head towards the direction of her old home , if she can even call it that . Within 20 minutes I pick up a slight smell of rogue it seems a bit far from her old house but this encouraging me to pick up speed as I get more and more angry  . Within another 20 minutes I also get a slight smell of her intoxicating scent but it's fading . Panic immediately strikes me as I realize she's far Try reaching out through your mind link my wolf says but we're not mated , she wouldn't be able to feel me let alone hear me . But I try anyway " I'm coming please hold on " I say to the void in my mind where our link would connect .
~An hour later~
It's been over an hour since I sent that message an hour since I've started running full speed into the direction of my beautiful mate and that wretched man . Her scent Becoming stronger , I look around frantically as I run seeing an old run down building come to view. I growl at the smell of blood and the scent of her and the rogue . My wolf Kaden instinctively starts fighting with me for control . "Let me rip him to pieces Alois ." I can't help but to agree with him but "No , we can't , not yet" I reply . Instead I run into the building and look around searching for where her scents the strongest immediately ending up at the basement door , I waste no time breaking it open only to be greeted by the grimmest scene possible."Oh hello there ? I was expecting company ."

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