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Alois POV
I can feel my eyes shifting from their normal steel blue color to a harsh black as I look at the scene in front of me . Her clothing is tattered and her underwear is ripped on the floor else where . She has what looks to be a shock collar on but ...NO . Me and my wolf simultaneously think as my eyes dart up to meet the eyes of her captor . He smirks at my face of realization " That's right. So don't try anything stupid . One wrong move and I'll blow her and this whole room to pieces. " He says in a venomous tone . "Alois, please. Let me kill him ". His murderous intent is fueling mine and basically seeping out of my body, I don't Blame him "Kade if were not careful She'll be dead before we can get to her " I say my tone dropping . "Well what do you want to do ? "Dammit Kaden I don't know " . I'm taken out of my thoughts by a soft voice I recognize as my angels "Get away from here ." She says . I look down to meet her eyes once warm and full of life , only to be greeted by a cold emotionless gaze . What has he done to you .. Kaden whines at the look that his mate is giving him not liking it at all . My face visibly frowns and for a split second , I see sorrow in her eyes , and it panged my heart . I take a step forward wanting to be closer to her only to be interrupted by the rogue and her 'Father' Johnathan clearing his throat making me growl . " I'm sorry Mr.Alpha ? Did you not hear me? Would you hear me better with your mates insides all over the fucking walls?" He says making my eyes grow darker by the second "Who the fuck is he talking to ." I try to tune out Kaden and collect myself.

I look up to meet his eyes and harshly glare at him . " What do you want." I speak , my murderous intent and hate clearly seeping through . " I want you to let me leave ,In one piece . Oh and I'll be taking the whore with me " He says and I see fear cross her eyes quickly but not quick enough for me to not catch it. I growl at the thought of him taking my mate . "No." I state harshly "You won't have her ." Oh did that sound like A question? I'm telling you what I'm going to do, And unless you want to be covered in your Precious little mate you'll comply . Now get out ." He says there's gotta be some way I ca- I'm interrupted by the sound of shuffling and I immediately look at Rayna . She's smiling? But not one of happiness. One of complete hopelessness , Regret, Pain and Sadness . " I'll be okay Alois , please go home " she looked so scared, but for me not even herself, Even in A situation like this shes more worried about me then herself ? There was no way I could leave her No way in hell" Rayna pleas-". 

" No Alois , please . Go home... I don't want you here." Her voice cracked a little at the end and my heart practically broke. He picks her up and goes through the window but not before shooting me a look of victory and pure sadism . "Bye Bye Alpha ." He hops in his car throwing her in as well and within seconds. They're gone . My wolf howls in sadness as I Drop down to the floor . I want to go after them but her neck.. he wasn't joking he'll really kill her. 

I feel my eyes brimming with tears and I punch the wall causing some of the brick to crumble. Dammit all . I couldn't save her. My heart breaks as I remember how sad my mate looked as he stole her away but relieved for my safety . Ive just gotten her and just as quickly she was taken away.  I can't give up . I guess there's only one other option ATTENTION . My Future LUNA has been abducted . I am around 160 S Maple Street in the Forest but I'm going to be trailing the car a safe distance for her sake . The abductor has a Collar around her neck that will explode if were not careful . Block off every place in the surrounding area of North Winsdale Pack because that's where they're most likely heading . I'll alert their alpha we're coming and also ask him for assistance . She has brown skin curly brown hair and hazel grey eyes.
Please let them answer....

Raynas POV

My words shocked me yes . But I meant every one of them. I look up at Jonathan tracing the barrel with my tongue, waiting for him to finally rid me of this world. I'm staring at him and his eyes seemed glazed over for A second before returning to me and smirking but this one Seemed different, he almost seemed ...scared.  Suddenly he rips my gown up more placing a heavy metal collar like device around my neck before looking at me saying " same rules apply " . I'm tempted to run , just so he can kill me. My suicidal thoughts however are interrupted by the sound of the door crashing and my eyes immediately trail up the figure till I'm met by familiar eyes. 

Johnathan pinches something on my neck causing me to get drowsy . I hear Johnathan tell Alois pretty much the same thing but adding an 'if you move I'll kill her '. Why doesn't he just run? Why is He even Here ? How did he find me. But Alois's face immediately twist up and his eyes glaze over as Johnathans did earlier. I don't want him to get hurt I look up at him with fear for him evident in my eyes before masking it . 

Him and Johnathan continue talking, well more so Johnathan talking and telling him What not to do if he doesn't want me to go kaboom . He kept saying some things I didn't quite understand . He takes a step forward making my father threaten me again . His usually beautiful features now reflecting a look of pain ,Indecision and anger. Seeing him like that hurts my heart and I don't know why .. I can't let him get hurt . I muster up a small smile before I speak " ill be okay Alois, please go Home" my voice cracked at the end I hope he didn't hear it . I feel the drowsiness intensifying as he says he's not leaving without me . I muster all the strength I can " Alois I'll be okay. Please go home" the last thing I saw before I blacked out was pained expression from Alois that made my heart drop . I'm sorry..

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