The Troupe Of Idiots

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Alois POV

      Racing behind the car where Rayna is being held captive Im being careful to keep my distance . My mark on the back of my chest begins to glow faintly causing a slight tingle , one of the six are near . I continue my pace til I get near enough to sense Johnathan. I'm conflicted on what to do... "Alois I found them" my Third in command Demetrius says through our link . I smile slightly my wolf internally howling . That is until I remember. "Demetrius don't forget he has that explosive around  her neck . She's also unconscious ." He goes quiet for a second before saying a quick okay . I increase my speed making a beeline into the trees ensuring he can't see or sense me .  As I arrive I see the car holding them floating in the air . Or more so the ground that the car was on . Mentally facepalming I look at him . Very subtle.

 Jonathan steps out the car and goes to the other side taking Rayna out as well as throwing her limp body over his shoulder . Anger boils up in me and my presence slips a little, I can't conceal myself properly when my emotions are out of tune. Ive got to try and calm down He Gives Demetri  the same threat he gave me making both of us become irritable . But after a second Demetri no longer looks fazed. Instead he looks past Jonathan and takes a step forward . Johnathans eyes flash with anger and he takes out a device presumably the one belonging to the detonation collar making my wolf come to the surface . My  eyes shifting between their Black eyes of my wolf and a blinding silver . Demetri pauses for a second before his eyes glaze over and he takes another step forwards . " THATS IT!" my eyes shift completely as A feeling of despair and anger wash over me . My wolf takes over and Lunges straight out but ..I didn't get to her in time ....No...
Seconds passed and nothing has changed . I don't hear anything and everything is completely silent . I look up to where my mate once was and ...she's still there ? My heart starts to beat slower and The feel of despair leaves She's alive ? She's not dead . But what happened? " I look over at Demetri who looks like he's about to bust out laughing . Then to Johnathan who looks just as confused as me .

 " Oh Come on now Kaden you really thought we'd let her die ? You'd never forgive any of us much less yourself and I'm not trying to deal with a depressed captain for the rest of my life ." I hear a familiar voice speak with a hint of humor and annoyance . I notice The mark on my chest has been glowing more profoundly , I look behind Jonathan and See Jax my teammate and Beta standing playing with a small strip of lightning between his thumb and index finger . Before I can even respond another voice joins him 

" I still say you should have let me burn him to a crisp." Louis says clearly irritated . 

Behind him Alex joins " We can't kill him while he has the girl dumb ass ." 

He looks at him with a face of annoyance  . Jonathan turns around with a look of terror and surprise on his face before attempting to mask it .  Key word being 'Attempt' Even from this distance I could see him trembling. " Even if the detonator didn't work . I still have the girl . I could just as easily snap her neck." He says in a very  matter of factual tone.  Making my attention snap back to him . 

" You mean this girl" Alex says holding Rayna comfortably in his arms . When did he? " NO FAIRRRR I WANTED TO SAVE HER"  Jax says pouting . "Goddess they're so childish . "  Louis says pinching the bridge of his nose.

No way, you only wanted to save her because you have a thing for curly heads." Alex says rolling his eyes . 

" Well At least I don't have a Superior Complex !" Jax retorts causing Alex to turn red " I DO NOT!" Earning a

 'you definitely do' from Jax an 'it's pretty obvious' from Louis and A 'Better luck next time' from Demetri . Alex's teeth sharpen themselves and his eyes shift to a chilling blue as he forms an ice spike in his hands " You wanna go?" , Jax smirks and expands the electricity strip in his hand into a full blown ball and smirks at  him " sure, just don't make it weird by getting all hard when I top you ." Their little feud however is interrupted by Demetri " Hey , Dumb and Dumber ? How about instead of acting like sexually frustrated 16 year olds  you deal with the real problem which is the  rogure over there trying to get away. Also give Kaden his mate so he can calm down and bring Alois back . Man looks like he's about to pop every vein in his forehead and if he does I'm not cleaning the mess nor am I driving to the hospital ." Everyone's quiet with the only sound being Jonathan contemplating quietly on a plan to escape . Within seconds Jonathan is pinned by Alex with a ice dagger at his throat and Rayna is brought to me by Louis . 

At that moment nothing else mattered , the warmth from her body eased me and my wolf as my eyes shift back to their natural grey color.I stare at her beautiful face and run my hand over the bruises on her cheeks. I'm so so so sorry . As if sensing me she unconsciously stirs and turns into my chest gripping my shirt while I hold her . 

"Hey, we've got this , go take care of your mate ." Demetrius says with a small smile . I look up and see Jonathan getting beat by Louis , Alex and Jax who're definitely enjoying every second . I mentally thank him and run past them seeing Louis's car . I lay her in the passenger seat  setting it all the way back before getting in the drivers seat and driving as fast as possible to the Pack House ''Whatever you do , don't kill him . Bring him to the room , I have some questions. " I tell them earning  'Yes Captain' in return . I hold her hand for the whole drive to the pack house praying to the moon Goddess that She will be okay . 

Please..I can't lose you again 

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