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"I think it would be fun to go with...well maybe Cedric," I said shyly.
"He is pretty hot," Ginny giggled.
"You two would be kinda cute together," Hermione laughed.
"I don't know...That Slytherin boy Draco Malfoy's kinda hot though," I said.
"Malfoy?!" Ginny said, stopping abruptly in the hallway.
"Hmm...I guess he is. But he's a bit of a git Y/n,"Hermione frowned. (Lol bit of a git rhymes)
"Oh...maybe he's just misunderstood," I said hopefully.

The two girls gave me skeptical looks but didn't argue farther. We walked through the hallway to the Great Hall. Groups of boys strolled through looking around nervously at the clumps of girls who were huddled, whispering about dates. In fact it was quite annoying that everyone seemed to either stand in the middle of the corridor or walk slower than a snail. (People at school do be like that)

Ron's pov

Harry and I stood against the wall and scouted out for possible dates. Of course I knew who I wanted to go with. Normally it might be easy to talk to Y/n, but it seemed like the last think I wanted to do was look into those e/c eyes and ask her. It seemed that I wasn't the only one with that idea. A couple of Slytherins kept trying to tail her, Ginny, and Hermione. Probably trying to get her alone. A few Ravenclaws were eyeing her across the corridor as well. I soon saw her h/c hair come into view. Y/n looked pretty pissed trying to get through all of the people crowding the hallway. Maybe I'll wait for her to be in a better mood to ask. Yeah, that's the excuse I'll use.
"Why do they always have to travel in packs? How are you supposed to get one alone to ask them?" Harry said.
"Blimey Harry, you've slayed dragons! If you can't get a date who can?" I said.
"I think I'd take the dragon right now."
I noticed he was watching a certain h/c haired female. If he's wanting to ask her then I'll just have to beat him to it.

Harry's pov

The last few weeks before the holiday break went by incredibly fast. No one seemed to care about schoolwork now that the ball was almost upon us. More students than ever signed their names to stay at Hogwarts. As for me, I spent my days trying to get Y/n alone to ask her to be my date. She seemed to hang out with Hermione and Ginny more than ever.
Today was one of the last days before the break. Ron and I sat in Potions across from Hermione and Y/n.
"This is mad," Ron said. "At this rate we'll be the only ones in our year without dates."
Snape hit us over the head with a book then walked away.
"Well, us and Neville," Ron reassured.
"But then again he can take himself," I snickered.
"Neville's really nice though," Y/n said with an offended look on her face.
"And it might interest you to know that Neville's already got someone," Hermione said pointedly.
Ron gasped beside me.
"Now I'm really depressed," Ron mumbled.
Fred made sure Snape was looking away and handed Ron a note. He jerked his head toward Y/n. Ron opened the note.


Ron's head shot up and he stared at Y/n who was bent over her potions book. Ron looked around fearfully, searching for a way around asking Y/n. I silently prayed that he would find someone else. I realized that I've put it off long enough and I will have to ask her today. If I wait any longer, some other bloke will have asked Y/n. Finally Ron turned his gaze onto Hermione. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding in.
"Hermione, you're a girl," he said.
"Oh well spotted," Hermione said rolling her eyes. Y/n now looked up from her book and was watching the drama unfold like it was some kind of movie.
"Come on. It's one thing for a bloke to show up alone. For a girl it's just sad," Ron said. This was apparently not the right thing to say, as Y/n's grimace expressed.
"I won't be going alone because believe it or not someone's asked me! And I said yes!" Hermione huffed. She shoved her books in her bag and stormed out. Y/n put her stuff in her bag too. She shook her head in disappointment and left. We watched her walk away and Ron turned to me.
"Look. We've just got to grit our teeth and do it. Tonight when we get back to the common room, we'll both have partners. Agreed?"

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