Chapter 31

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"Respect other people's feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them."

Roy T. Bennett

Tooba's p.o.v

It was afternoon.
Tomorrow is Yusha bhai's nikkah so everyone was busy in preparations.
Rehab and Saim had decorated the whole house mesmerizingly with golden lights.

"Come on Rehab!! Its a best time to show your talent. Come on!!"
Haider sat beside me giving Rehab's guitar in his hand.

I looked at Rehab and he averted his gaze.

Let me tell you dude! He is still mad at me and not talking to me since yesterday and that too on such illogical matter.

But what you did? Did you forgive him on throwing your lipstick?

My subconscious asked and I ignored it.

Rehab started playing guitar.
Neha, Beejan, Saim, Haider and Yusha bhai exclaimed in excitement but I sat there unaffected.

Soon he started singing..

"🎵Ma hara, ma haraa
Jesy toota hua ho sitara
Bs aansoo, bs yh aahain
Mery hissay ma hai dard sara sapny aansoo ban k sary
mery beh gaye hoo...
Sary armaa mery dil ma rehgye hoo..
Tu ne mery janaaa
kabhi nhi janaaa
ishq mera, dard mera🎵"

Every word hit me so hard.
On last lines I felt his gaze upon me.

"Tu be mery janaaa
Kabhi nahi Jana
Ishq mera, dard mera!!"

He repeated again and I could feel his pain in every verse.

A lone tear slipped down my cheek.

Their was complete silence in room. Only voice was of his guitar's.

Two more tears slipped down my cheeks and I stood up and without waiting for a moment I ran towards garden.

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