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Raynas P.O.V

My eyes slowly opened and I noticed someone sitting to side of me staring, I  shift my head a little so I'm eye to eye with them . It's Alois... but why is he here. Unconsciously A small smile forms on my face As I attempt to talk my voice coming out hoarse and dry . "Hey , Dumbass." I say looking at his red puffy eyes . He looked as if he hadn't slept for days and it caused my heart to ache as he looked at me with eyes  filled with disbelief and sadness. 

I removed my hand from his making me internally scream at the loss of touch. I blushed lightly realizing he was holding my hand . I sit up now slightly confused as to why he was here . He straightens himself and just stares at me in shock . "Do you know where you are ?" He says wearingly. Where I am , where am I? Oh I'm where I was Last Time with the Doct- everything. Flashes in my head at once as the memories of the days prior are now becoming fresh and vivid. Jonathan

I feel myself hyper ventilate as I begin to block out my surroundings my eyes burning as they brim with tears. 

Where is he, does he know I'm here, he's coming for me, he'll go all the way this time . I feel myself backing up against the bed frame hugging my knees to my body. Please no.no no no . 

A hand touches my shoulder causing me to scream "NO!" And scurry back making my back hit a wall I didn't know was there as I begin to panic more. No . No . No , the tears in my eyes now falling as I feel myself become lightheaded from hyperventilating. I cant breathe  "RAYNA!" My attention is snapped forward to a very worried looking Alois . The warmth on my shoulder from where he placed his hand encouraging me to slow my breathing. "Can I hug you?" He asks in a soft voice catching me off guard, he wants to hug me? This simple question causing My face to warm up as I shakingly give a small nod . He wraps his arms around me being careful of my bandage wrapped areas . After A while I got comfortable burying my face in his chest and he rubbed my back, that little motion causing tears to well up in my eyes as every little thing that's ever went wrong in my life popped up in my head , I just sat there , sobbing for what felt like forever but it was only 15 minutes . I pulled away from Alois and wiped my face apologizing for soaking his shirt . Embarrassed I turned away from him holding myself . 

What is he doing here, he's my teacher , why does it feel so good for him to hold me , where's Jonathan . So many questions are swimming in my head but I decided to ask the one that made the most sense . "Uhm..Mr.Finn why are you here ?" He looks taken back by the question and then sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. "Well I uhm, kinda li-." The door opens ."Hi Ms.Artegio I see that you're awake , let's take a look at those injuries of yours , Alois could you step out Please." The doctor I recognized from before walks in interrupting him . Alois's eyes glaze over as if he's deep in thought for a second before walking out but not before mumbling a " I'll be right back Rayna." And looking at me once more .

 I turn my attention to the doctor Brian who's currently unwrapping the bandages on my arms and waist , he looks at them shocked before clearing his throat looking at me . "Your bruises have all healed you're now perfectly healthy besides your ribs but they're all almost fully healed . Take it really light and make sure to take the medicine I'm going to subscribe for any pain you may feel and you should be fine in a week or so ." He says writing something down on his clipboard . I smiled " thank you." And he nodded

We sat in an Eerie silence before he stopped writing and looked at me . 

"Rayna.."He spoke softly his voice changing to a more comfortable one. 

" Hm?" 

"How lon- nevermind." What was he going to say ?  " Im so sorry  you had to go back to that wretched man I swear I tried to stop them it was just.. something that was outside of my control." He says in A lowered tone before walking  away .

 I decided to take the time I had now to investigate the area. I'd never been out of this room although being here twice . I don't even know where I am as I was unconscious both time . I shakingly  get up taking a sip Of the water laid next to me and walk towards the door opening it . I creep through the door careful not to make too much noise . I turn to my left seeing the hallway extend into that direction. Within a few steps stairs come into few and I peak my head around the corner of the stairs seeing a large living room area " Wow." I mumble quietly this place is huge . I take my time going down the stairs and find myself In the living room I walk around more finding the kitchen area where I see a girl that looks maybe a year older than me with black hair and green blue eyes. I peak my head around the corner as she snaps her head towards me causing me to jump . How did she know I was here ? I couldn't have made any Noise. I shyly wave and back up a little as she stands up walking in my direction her eyes never leaving mine . " I'm really sorry , I was just walking around because I don't know where I am and I did- ." I'm interrupted by a sniffle and her arms hugging me tightly. " I'm so glad that you're alright . " she says in a relieved voice . Who is she ? " Its honestly no shock you don't know where you are, you must be so confused . I'm not surprised my idiot brother hasn't told you anything . I'm not going to say that's not like him because it's not like he doesn't do stupid shit frequently but this time he was so worried for you he couldn't eve-." A tall shadow appears in front of me and I feel a familiar presence behind me "Layla I'm going to ignore the first comments but could you please not squeeze the life out of her after she just woke up." I hear Alois say from behind me a hint or protectiveness in his voice . " Shut up , it's not like you dont want to do the same dumbass." She scoffs before letting me go . She pats his back before skipping out the kitchen. "Go get her tiger." She says before winking and waving at me " BYEEEEE RAYNAAAA."

 I laugh mentally at how annoyed he looks before taking a seat at the table and looking at him . " Well, Id hate to be a bother and I'm sure my Father will be looking for me to come home soon, Doctor Brian said Ill be completely healed soon so I'll be sure to leave in a few minutes so I'll see you tomorrow at school." I hurriedly say before getting up and attempting to walk through the door and towards the living room . Key word being  'attempt'. I say that because I'm now held against a wall by my wrist with only a few centimeters being between me and Alois who's eyes seem a bit darker than usual he presses into me slightly gripping my wrist tight enough to where I can't move but not tight enough to where I'm in pain . He looks at me with a look in his eyes that I can't quite explain but the situation at hand doesn't surprise as much as what he says does ." You will not leave."

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