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Hongjoong was nowhere to be seen

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Hongjoong was nowhere to be seen. You started getting more and more worried. The shouts in the house didn't stop for a second, but you couldn't understand who they belonged to.

After ten minutes, that looked like ages to you, you finally spot a white head running out of the house, holding tight in something in his arms as if his life depended on it.

The Ouija board.

A sense of relief washed over you when you notice your friend exiting the villa safe and sound. He got in the car and San pressed on the gas pedal, quickly leaving the mansion behind your shoulders.

"To my house."

You murmured to San. Mingi moved uncomfortably on his seat, sticking out a little to look at your face. Between the two of you there was Mr. Kang, who moved his eyes on you. Mingi spoke and stuttered.

"D-Do you want to make the ritual? Already?"

He asked, his voice was shaking and you didn't know if it was for the run or because he was scared. His eyebrows were in a frown, when you connected your eyes with his.

You nodded and he gulped loudly at your resolution. You've always been an indecisive and insecure girl and looking at yourself, now, you could almost say that this story changed your life. It somehow had a good side, for how crazy it could sound.

Wooyoung sneaked in the conversation, shaking his head and looking at Mr. Kang, who was sat right on the opposite side of the leather seat.

"We still don't know how to banish him."

He claimed with soft voice, as if he was scared to face you with the reality and scared to hurt you with his words.

Your teacher hummed, his elbow placed on the space between the window and the car seat while his head was shaking from left to right.

"Actually, we do."

He declared.

☆──────═══• ☽ ☼ ☾ •════──────☆

You reached your apartment and pulled the doorknob down to open the wooden door. You stormed inside your house and literally throw your bag on the couch, only wanting to put an end to your lack of sleep and to your friends' suffering. And for Jongho.

You saw him looking so lonely with that disturbed father and no one else in the house. Moreover, at the campus he used to walk alone, rarely you saw him with someone else and when it was that time, it was always a boy. And It was always the same one, by the way.

You felt in need to do something for him. You didn't really know him, personally, but just the fact that he helped you getting back the board was a huge bonus. After all, he just followed what is father told him to do and he must've thought that it was the right thing to do.

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