― thirteen: limits

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[ CHAPTER 13 : LIMITS : well i'm a runnin' down the road try'n loosen my load, i've got seven women on my mind. four that wanna own me, two that wanna stone me, one says she's a friend of mine. take it easy, take it easy. don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. lighten up while you still can, don't even try to understand. just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy.]


          PARKER FINDS HERSELF SITTING at one of the outside mosaic tables in between the backdoors for the cafeteria, and the library. It's peaceful where she is. Trees, and bushes masking much of the school's intolerant immaturity that reeks from all the teenagers around her. For once, she doesn't feel like she's being suffocated by everything around her. She can just sit, with her legs stretched out, and back leaning against the chair, with her lunch in front of her. She knows it won't last for long. Cameron will be here soon, with that icy look she always has on her face, and maybe for once she'll be please. However, the chances of that happening, are slim to none. A girl can wish though―Parker's wishing hard.

           "So, Nico's jealous?" Cameron, with a boxed salad lunch, takes a seat in front of her. Parker looks up, away from her sandwich, and nods at the girl. Cameron seems pleased with the neutral expression on her face―the corners of her lip even turn up a little. "I guess you don't have to hang out with Leo after school, then?" Parker's eyes go wide, taken aback by the fact that Cameron knows about her and Leo. Though, practicality tells her that Leo must've told some people who told others.

           "I think we should go over some rules," Cameron announces before she begins eating her mainly lettuce―very little dressing―salad. Parker ignores responding to her, and instead focuses on eating her sandwich. She doesn't care what Cameron says. She's not a very good mentor in the first place; Parker knows what she's doing. She knows that hanging out with Leo after school will send Nico over the edge. Although, to be completely honest, Nico is a confusing boy. He's yet to show true jealousy over her being around Leo. At least, not in the way she's been expecting it. Maybe he's showed it other ways and she's yet to realize it. Whatever, she'll figure it out; with or without Cameron's help.

          "One: don't start liking someone," The blonde twists to look at her; mouth teetering on the line between a frown, and a grimace. Parker tilts her head; does Cameron have a past with somebody? Is she talking from experience right now? "It complicates things, and it's the last thing you or I need," Parker scoffs. As if she'd fall for either Leo or Nico. They're both complete idiots, and she can't see herself with either of them.

          "Second: everything, and anything that happens―tell me," Parker turns her gaze back towards her sandwich. Obviously, Cameron's referring to her not telling talking about the hangout with Leo. That just makes Parker want to vomit. Why does the girl need to know everything? It's not like Cameron knows best. Parker can deal with things on her own, and especially when it comes to Leo and Nico. "It'll be good for both you and I, if we keep up communication and solve everything together. Otherwise, you won't make it two minutes in this game," Parker rolls her eyes. I managed to finish one dare all by myself, she thinks to herself.

          "Lastly, and I'm dead serious about this, break off any and all relationships," If Parker could scream at Cameron, she would. Has she not already broken her relationships? She left her best friend in the dust, broke her heart, and made her cry. Is that not enough to please the blonde? If this is about Leo, that's completely different. She doesn't actually like Leo, she's only using him to see how it'll affect Nico. "Bad things will happen if you stay close to anybody other than myself, and your parents. If you care about them at all, you have to do this."

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