New Beginnings

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Raynas POV
   "You're always welcome here ." 

It has been an hour since Alois left me in the kitchen to my lonesome . After he left I managed to find my way back to the room I had previously been in . In that hour I realized how many people lived in this big house, does he Own a community housing or something? 

It would make sense why he offered me to stay at least. I thought back 

Was there anyone I could stay with ? My only family is Kyle and he lived with them technically, but he was in the military so he constantly moved 

Plus.. I never want to go to that house again. Alex is my bestfriend But I wouldn't want to impose on him and his girlfriend .

 I could get a job and within a month or so I could at least get a small apartment ! I can do this , this could work . Subconsciously I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding and my back slid against the room door . 

I'm finally free . 

It's like those words were the key to unlocking a Dam in my eyes . Tears relentlessly fell down my face landing on my now soaked hospital-ish gown . I looked at the ceiling and let the tears fall . I'm finally, finally free.

 I'm taken out of my trance by the thundering sound of feet hitting the floor , the sound becoming louder and louder until the person the feet belongs to in my room standing face to face with me . An exhausted and worried looking Alois busts into the room quickly scanning over it before his eyes fall on me. " Why are you crying ." He asks approaching me slowly as if checking for permission. I nod slightly and he sits in front of me his eyes looking over my face. Even sitting he towers over me, I really need to grow a few inches.

He stares at me as if waiting for an answer. " I'm sorry did you say something." He gets comfortable on the floor before repeating his question " Why are you Crying ?" He was worried?"Oh that! Those were happy tears." I stumble over my words nervously looking away from him suddenly finding interest in the painting on the wall. His face softens and we sit in silence for what seems like forever before I break it . 

"I want to stay here." 

When I said this, his eyes lit up like a small child on Christmas or their birthday after being told they just got the toy theyve been waiting on all year, he seemed so happy it made my heart warm . I smiled softly . I'm just going to stay here for A month or So and get a job that way I can move out into my own place soon. That should be fine right ? I've been so busy thinking about my plans I didn't even notice Alois rambling to his self and me . He seemed so excited and I wanted to ask him why but for some reason I really loved seeing him that way and I didn't want to risk ruining it . "Okay so you'll be staying in a secondary section of the house ." Wait.. this isn't the whole house ? "Secondary section?" I say slightly confused . He rubs the back of his neck tilting his head a little . " Yeah it's a second living area a bit of a distance away from here . It's typically where the Al- where Al my uncle lives , he doesn't like company so he built a separate house for him , and my family to live ." He says rushing his sentence . Is he some type of Big CEO and being A history teacher is just his hobby or something? How does he have all this money. 

 " Here I'll take you ." Within seconds he's rushing me outside and we get into the same car that once took my parking space . I roll my eyes as I'm putting on my seatbelt " Id rather walk." He just laughs before backing out of the enormous drive way . It takes a little under. 10 minutes but he was right , there's a whole other group of house around one big house behind the original house . Whoa... " Hey sweetheart you're staring ." He pokes at me before getting out and opening my door "Shut up , it's just , so beautiful." I smile as I speak , I would be living here ? Well temporarily at least .

"After you" He walks to me to the door and as we open it I'm greeted by the smell of food being cooked . Mmmmmm this smells amazing . He walks me into the house showing me around the bottom floor , there's a kitchen and a huge living room the garage a spare room and the gaming table , at the top floor theirs an 'Office' and 4 large bedrooms with bathrooms and a guest bathroom in the hallway. I assumed I'd be staying in the guest bedroom downstairs until Alois brought me upstairs. He led me to a door to the side of the door at the end of the "hall" which was really just a walkway/balcony type area separating the four rooms that hang over the living room , he opened the large mahogany door leading to a large beautiful room . "This room is yours ." He says smiling softly. The room was beautiful it was creme white and grey with red wooden furniture , the bed itself had a princess type veil over it and the dresser had a vanity mirror their was also a wall mirror next to the closet, on the wall opposite side of the closet there was a hugeee bathroom with a tub made to fit 2 or maybe 3 and a shower on the opposite side where the water appeared to rain down from the top 
To top it off their was a dual bathroom sink and well a toilet duh, I turned around and looked at him tearing up slightly , " Alois I can't stay here ." I murmur wiping my eyes . "What, Rayna Why not?"he lowers him eyes down to meet my gaze suddenly filled with worry .

 " This is just ..all too much ." I hug my body in attempt to give myself comfort I don't deserve this "Rayna... Excuse me if this comes off as inappropriate but you are the most beautiful, strong, deserving woman I know. You deserve this and so much more. You probably don't understand that now , but I swear to you. In the future you will. " his voice softens as he gets to the last part and he steps closer to me , his eyes never leaving mine , somehow I find myself trapped between the wall and his arms but , I'm not scared . I feel like I can trust him , he hasn't give me a reason not to .

 My eyes roam over his face looking for any sense of hate but I could only find passion and admiration making my face get hot . Theres no way he feels that way about me? He steps a little closer and my eyes find their way to his jawline , then his lips . I stare at them for a while before he leans over to my ear . 

"Sweetheart. Im trying my hardest to control myself but If you keep looking at me like that I might have to lift you onto this sink and take every single inch of you, and we both know you're not ready for that yet ." He practically growls out but humans can't growl right? 

Nevertheless, the sensation of his voice, the vibrations, his presence, his tone, him... it all sent shivers down my body that caused my back to arch slightly . I involuntarily suck in a breath and my eyes find their way back to his seeing they're slightly darker than usual,  he should really get that checked out 

He takes a deep breath and standing up straight , he rubs his face before heading towards the door preparing to leave me to myself

 " Someone is going to bring in your things soon so for right now just take A shower and come eat when you're done, by the time you're out clothes will be laid out for you." He closes the door leaving me to my thoughts..What just happened?

Alois POV

    I almost lost control In front of her.  I clinch my fist taking in a deep breath. Dammit... Kade however was prancing around happily in my subconcious from getting to see his mate look at him that way. ' Kaden you better calm down before you turn into a Yandere.' I said to him pinching the bridge of my nose as he laughs slightly. Though... Her looking at me that way was quite A sight . I think to myself tilting my head back onto the wall. 

My beautiful Mate

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