chapter 33 (Blockbuster)

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Gimme some moments here...

OK OK!! So take a huge box of tissue papers cause you gonna need it...

Well I was clearly jumping looking at my readers desperation and excitement..

And your desperation made me write it so quickly just after doing sehri..

So here you go...

Happy reading beautifuls...

"True love never dies.
It lives on in the people who believe in it."


Author's p.o.v

It was like Qayamat had broken on Khan family.

Khan villa was surrounded by many people.

There were voices, ear piercing voices!

What was those voices?




Those were the shouting of soundless tears which were pouring down through everyone's eyes.

Their were two bodies whole covered in white cloth lying in garden side by side.

Ladies were sitting in a circle around them.

Some were reciting Qur'an.

Some were just looking at them whole heartedly.
Don't want to move their eyes.
It was like these lifeless bodies will disappear if they move their gaze.

Men were standing behind ladies at some distance.

Sky peeked on Earth making its way through clouds and gasped!

Looking at the bodies!

Recognising the bodies!

Those lifeless bodies!

Those eyes!

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