❁Thirty Two❁

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Going back upstairs to Zane's room, Zane couldn't contain the smile he had on his face.  Zane placed the bags on the floor before hugging Travis.

"Thank you so much for all this." Zane said. Travis was surprised by the unexpected hug.

"You don't have to thank me, Zane." Travis replied, placing a kiss on top of Zane's head. Travis' heart pounded with every breath he took. Zane sighed in satisfaction when he felt arms wrap around him.

It was when Zane started pushing Travis until the back of his legs hit the bed that Travis realized what was happening. With one last push, Travis was sitting on Zane's bed. Zane took the opportunity to sit on the others' lap. 

"I want to thank you," Zane insisted. Travis held his breath as Zane took hold of his hands and placed them on Zane's hips. Zane wrapped his arms loosely around Travis' neck before leaning to Travis' ear.

"I want to do so much more than just say it, though." Zane whispered. Travis let out a breath of arousal. Zane kissed under Travis' ear. 

Wow, this was really happening. It seems like yesterday Lucinda had convinced Travis to message Zane. This all feels like a dream to both of them.

Travis was so lost in thought, he didn't realize he had gripped Zane's hips tighter until Zane gasped in his ear. The sound was magic itself. Then Zane placed his lips on Travis'. 

That's when all control was lost.

Travis pulled Zane's hair with one hand and his other and gripped Zane's ass through the skirt. Zane bit his lip seductively. Travis pulled Zane's hair more to gain access to his pale neck. Perfect for marking. Travis' lips latched onto the skin. It started with small kisses, which made Zane's heart explode with attention. Then it turned into open mouth kisses before Travis just started to suck the skin and Zane's head tingled with a strange feeling.

Travis left a trail of dark pink marks on the other's skin. It all left Zane a whimpering mess. Travis' hand went down to accompany his other hand. Both hands went under Zane's skirt and played with the material under it before full-on grabbing, the result being Zane arching his back. 

This is what the both wanted, but did they really want to go this far after dating for less than a day? 

At that moment, Zane's hips ground onto Travis' lap. Travis' growled in arousal. The sound alone made Zane think 'If this is how I die, I accept that'.

Using his strength, Travis rolled the two over so that Zane had his back against the bed and Travis in between his legs. Travis had pinned both of Zane's hands above his head and began to ravish in Zane's lips. Zane moaned into the kiss as Travis licked into his mouth.

One of Travis' hands slipped under Zane's shirt and-

There was a ringing sound, alarming both of them. Travis' phone was ringing. Travis released his hold on Zane's hands and pulled back. Both males panted, their eyes locked on each other. Zane was the first to look away. He felt extremely flustered.

Travis reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone, standing up from where he was hovering over Zane. Zane couldn't hear the conversation Travis was having. He was trying to wrap his head around the immensely hot make-out session that had just occurred. His head felt dizzy and he must have looked like a mess. He sat up and straightened his clothes and hair.

"I have to leave. Lucinda called an important meeting and I have to be there for it." Travis said once he got off of the phone. Zane stood up and looked at Travis sadly.

"Don't look at me like that." He cooed.

"I'm gonna miss you though." Zane said sadly. Travis caress Zane cheek. 

"I know, I'll miss you too." He kissed Zane one last time. Zane's expression didn't change. Travis looked at him before unzipping his hoodie and wrapping it around Zane. He kissed Zane again before Leaving.


"Alright guys, Valkrum meeting is in order." Lucinda said. The Valkrum members sat around the table in the meeting room.

"First things first, Gene." Lucinda pointed to Gene, who was too busy playing with Laurence's sleeve to notice. With a slight nudge, he became focused.

"Oh yeah, so at the party yesterday, You'll never guess who I saw." He said. The room filled with murmurs like 'A party? What party?'. Lucida took it upon herself to answer.

"A party at Travis' boyfriends' house. Gene, continue."

"Right, so I saw a little kitty named Kawaii-chan." Gene finished. The room once again filled with whispers.

"Quiet." Kaitlyn said with her arms crossed. The room went silent.

"Thank you, Katelyn. Anyway, this may not mean anything right now, but it has the possibility of becoming something much bigger. I have reason to believe that Kawaii-chan is close to the hosts of the party, hence why she was there. She's obviously seen those of us who were also there. We need to keep an eye on her just in case Mei'fwa decides to make a reappearance."

"I saw her at the house today." Travis spoke up. Lucinda made a motion for him to continue.

"From what I saw, It seemed like she was warning about us. She then privately accused me of planning something and suggested that I 'stop before someone gets hurt'. The intent behind that was unclear." Travis finished.

"Alright. Thank you for the additional information. Like I said before, everyone, this may seem small now but we'd better not let our guard down. Meeting adjourned." Everyone got out of their seats and went out the door.


Nana sat on her bed, thinking of what occurred today. She scrolled through the contacts on her phone and clicked call on one.

"Michi, It's me. Remember when you told me if I ever knew any new information about Valkrum to tell you about it? Well, I have information about the leader."


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