Chapter 17: the one where Emily thinks about her past

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Emily's P.O.V

I was sitting at my office, signing few documents and suddenly my best friend barged in.

"Emily!!" She shouted

"Lexii!!" I also said mimicking her.

We hugged each other and sat down. We cant meet each other often because her profession demands travelling. And also I have meetings here and there.

"How was Milan?" I asked.

"Fabulous as usual. You tell me how is it going with the Christopher guy?"

I blushed hearing it, "Its going really well. He is very nice guy. He cares for me, understands me."

"Not to forget he is extremely hot and handsome!" Lexi said.

I chuckled at her statement, well she was correct.

But then I suddenly went into my deaf zone thinking how will Chris react about the whole Liam thing?!

"Emily!! I have been yelling at you since 25 secs. Where are you?"

"Lexi, I havent told Chris about Liam, what do you think, how will he react?"

"Look Em, I haven't met Chris yet, but whatever you have told me about him and the fact you are so happy with him, I believe he wont freak out. He will support you. But by chance he doesnt take it positively, call me, I will come to break his face."

"Oh god Lexi, you are something else!"

"Ofcourse if he breaks your heart, I break his face. And believe me no plastic surgeon would be able to fix it."

"Lexi stop. You are imagining him as a bad person but he is not,okay?"

"As you say Ms. Collins." Lexi smirked.

"Btw we are going on date at beach tomorrow." I told her excitedly.

"Reallyy?!!! I am so happy for you, Em. You have to look the best of you, get it?"

"Gotcha." I chuckled at how my best friend is more excited than me.

"Okay, now I have to leave. I have meeting with my PR team." Lexi said and got up.

"Alright. When is your next show?"

"Oh it is next week. It is a Dior show. How about you and Chris come for my show? By that I can meet him too. And he can also know how talented bestie you have got?"

I laughed, "Okay, I will ask him and tell you."

"Fine, love you."

"Bye, love you."


Chris's P.O.V

I finished my work and was heading home. As I stepped in my home, I saw mom sitting, reading a magazine.

"Hi mom."

"Hey Chris, how was your day? Did yoy experience any pain?"

"My day was good,mom. And I am perfectly fine."

"Thats good. Btw how is it going with Emily?" She asked cheerfully.

"It is going really well. She is very kind, helpful, always thinking about others."

"I know. I saw how she used to take care of you. She is really beautiful inside out. Btw Chris, your father and I were thinking of moving to Miami. Ofcourse Sophia would stay here because of her school and she cant stay without you."

''What?? But whyy? Whats bad in New York?"

"Oh Chris. Nothing is bad here. But we just want change now. And we know how is it in Miami. We have stayed there when you were young."

"Well, have you spoken about this to Sophia?"

"Yes we did. She too freaked out. But she agreed later."

"Okay then if you are happy then I am happy. We will miss you!" I hugged her.

"Will miss you too. You can always come there to meet us."

"Yes. Is Sophia upstairs?"

"Yeah. She is in her room."

I nodded and left.


Sophia was sitting and doing her project, when I went in.

"Hey Chris." She looked up.

"Soph, are you okay now?"
I was worrid about her the whole day.

"Yes Chris. I am better now. Dont worry, I am not gonna sulk for that asshole." She laughed.

"Thats like my sister." I laughed too.

I gave her a peck on forehead and left.

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