Moving on

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Rayna's POV

       It's a good thing showers don't require much thinking . 

I couldn't think about anything besides Alois. I leaned my head against the wall taking a deep breath before turning off the water and stepping out wrapping a towel around me . I walked out of the bathroom and saw a shirt a bra some underwear and basketball shorts on the bed . I blushed slightly and put them on . The shirt and shorts smelled like Alois . I walk to the wall mirror and exam my body , my ass was pretty average size  my chest was a bit on the larger size but my whole body was still covered in faint bruises . I wasn't skinny , more so a chubby with a waist . If I wasn't so battered I'd have a nice body.  I thought sadly It's true, my body was littered with scars and bruises my hair is unhealthy and the curls are more matted than anything now. I looked horrible . 

I sighed and pulled the shirt down before sheepishly making my way out of the room . I needed to find Alois , I wanted to see if he had a shirt with sleeves so I could cover my arms at least , he'd technically seen them all already but I didn't want to really remind him or myself of it. I walked to the room closest to mine and knocked on the door . I tried all the doors after not getting response and sighed giving up. I made my way downstairs into the direction of the the smell of food. I reached the kitchen and took a deep breath taking in the smell Of food , I open my eyes to be greeted by the sight of Alois taking food off the stove And placing it on plates. I sit down at the table and he placed the food in front of me "I wasn't exactly sure what you liked so I made
Something simple . Spaghetti." He says smiling nervously before sitting a few chairs away from me. Why so far ?" I pick up the fork and spin it around in my spaghetti before taking a bite
He sees the bruises.
My hand shakes a little
He's disgusted with me .
"Rayna?" Alois's worried voice trails
He's realized how disgusting I am
"Rayna?" This time sounding closer
He's hates me , he hates me
"RAYNA!" His hand grips my shoulders lightly trying to get my attention..
"I'm disgusting .." I mutter out the words being barely audible, but he heard it.
Silence , that's all I heard for a few minutes before he stands up and tells me to finish my dinner . My heart drops and I begin eating some of the food , Alois watching me eat all of it . I eat almost all of the food he gave me before my stomach starts to ache and I push the food away . He sighs and looks at me. You're not disgusting, you're strong and everything about you is beautiful. Your scars don't define you, they just show how much shit you went through and got through ." He looks at me with such determination in his eyes I'm left speechless . He takes my plate to the sink taking his also before turning to me as he washes the dishes .

 " Get some rest Rayna , You have school in the morning ." School? With everything going on I completely forgot about it . Man I'm going to have so much missing work and ALEX .With that I run upstairs after yelling a quick goodnight and I lay down in my bed , I stare at the ceiling before turning over to my side drifting off ...
~The Next Day
"Rise and Shine sleeping beauty ." Alois Gently Shakes me awake making me groan and roll back over. "Ugh... what time is it?"
"Well it's only ..7:25" that made me shoot up immediately
I jumped out of bed startling Alois and sprinted to my closet seeing my clothes already packed in for the most part. Shooing Alois our the room, I threw on my Howard Uni sweatshirt and some black tights , matching it with some white airforces I ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face and wet my hair a little just enough to smooth it into a bun, I put on a black headband and grabbed my book bag from by the door running down stairs passing Alois who was already dressed Bastard probably did this on purpose , I get downstairs and see a bagel and some orange juice sitting on the counter I grab it and drink half of the orange juice before grabbing the bagels and taking a bite before running out the door  just to remember . " I don't even know where I am." I had completely forgot
"Uh , you going somewhere Rayna?" Alois says smirking at my dumbfounded expression . He unlocks the door of his car before opening the door for me to get in "Alois I can't go to school in the car with you it'll look suspicious." I say shyly rubbing my hands together. His eyes glaze over as if he's deep in thought , then he looks at me and tells me to get in . " It'll be fine , but if it worries you that much I can drop you off a little down the street so you only have to walk a little .. thought I'd rather you not work at all because of your injuries , you're healed but not fully , Rayna you have to take it easy ." He says staring at me in all seriousness , I agree and he buckles his seatbelt driving to the school. The school wasn't too far from here , or maybe it's the fact that Alois drives like a Bat fresh out of hell . I stumble out the car mumbling a "never again" making him chuckle before driving forward to park , I manage to walk in the school before he can him walking in about 7 minutes after me. I walk to my first class and take my seat my teacher hadn't called attendance yet so I was safe, however now I see a boy in my class that I didn't recognize . He was sitting a few desks next to me , it seemed kind of weird but I brushed it off . The day zoned on and the new kid turned out to be in all of my classes , by the time lunch approached I had found Alex and was currently getting my ears yelled off and a lecture on why I should "send a postcard before I disappear" ,
"No seriously Rayna I was so worried! What if something would have happened to you." He says worry evident in his tone .

f only he knew.

Instead, I just hug him and apologize before the bell rings signaling our last classes for the day . "Soooo are you ready to see mr hottie body A.Finn ." Mako says, I instinctively blush thinking about our last encounter . The small expression being something that Alex clearly noticed " oh my God Rayna Please tell me you dont have the hots for Mr.Muscles ." He expresses as we walk towards my class .

"I definitely do not! He's a jerk,  I swear  if I see him I'm going to-"

"You're going to What Ms.Artegio?" A familiar  voice interrupts me his tone sounding cocky and slightly humored .

"Ouuuuu you're in trouble, see ya later !" Alex says before scurrying away .
I walk into the class room attempting to ignore Alois only for it to backfire because no one else was in there , he smirks at me "I hope you have that same energy at home princess." 

He walks away settling at his desk as more students pile in on After another, I take my seat  where I normally sit and put my head down slowly as Alois talked, there were so many heads up I was hoping he wouldn't notice my one head down but I guess it wasn't my lucky day. "Ms.Artegio , I hope whatever's going on in your dreams is going to prepare you for next classes exam." He says making the other students laugh , I glare at him before he goes back to whatever he was teaching about , for the next hour or so I stared at the board behind him , I only realized when the bell rung signaling the last class of the day , sadly mine being Alois again. But ..alone. I wasn't afraid of him necessarily because my Gut told me he wouldn't hurt me . But there's something about him that just generally makes me nervous. . 

Alois says making me realize it was just us now and he was talking
"Yes" I mutter quietly
"I was asking if you wanted to play the question game so we could learn more about each other . I want to know more about you, your favorite colors,likes, dislikes everything. " he says slightly smiling
He actually wanted to know more about me ? Well I guess I am living in his house it'd make sense
I sit down on the desk across from him
"Well, what do you want to know ?"

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