A steamy encounter

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Raynas POV

We had played for the whole period and by the time we were done I knew that his favorite color was royal blue , the girl that was in the kitchen was his sister, he has a mother and I had met his dad already ... his favorite food was curry and he loved Asian food . We were currently arguing over whether Wendy's is better than McDonald's.

 "I honestly don't even see why this is a conversation!  McDonald's is CLEARLY BETTER ." Alois exclaims throwing his hands in the air in frustration.

"Are you dumb? The only thing good from McDonald's is their fries and smoothies/Coffee , I would say their ice cream but OH WAIT THE MACHINES ALWAYS BROKEN, Their sprite is literally acid in A cup, Not to mention they know nothinggggg of proper customer service and How are you a fast food place that specializes in sandwiches BUT YOUR SANDWICHES ARE NASTY." I'm so sick of him

 No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend who the fuck picks McDonald's over Wendy's . 

He opens his mouth to say something before the speaker interrupts him . "Will Ms.Rayna Artegio please report to the Main office , Rayna Artegio to the Main Office , thank you."
Me to the office? Alois turns looking just as confused as I am before his eyes glaze over slightly . I check the time on the clock 2:11 I should probably take my things, since theirs only 9 minutes left I'm probably not coming back here . I grab my book bag and make my way to the door instantly snapping Alois out of his trance . 

"I'll see you at home ." He says softly as I walk out the door . Home , I have a home? The thought makes me smile slightly . Within minutes I'm in front of the main office . I open the door and see Ms.Kathy , her eyes beaming as I approach , she flicks my head and starts screaming at me giving me a rant on how I can't just disappear like that and that I left her with these idiots just to come back today and not say Hi . I smile laughing " I'm sorry miss ! I've just been so busy lately ."
" Sooo busy that you forgot all about lil ole me , it's okay I understand. You youngins always forget about us old folks ." She laughs out smiling as she hugs me. I thought I heard her say something but I guess I was imagining it , the bell rings and I turn " I'll see you tomorrow Ms! "
"Rayna , Mr.Finn wants to see you in his class before you go." She says as I'm walking out .
" Ughhhh." I groan and make my way back towards his class. If I knew He'd make me come back I would've left my bag . 

The hallways were relatively clear besides a few teachers and athletes getting dressed in the bathroom . I knock on the door and he opens it his eyes roam my frame as he opens the door. Before I can even say anything he pulls me into the classroom and hugs me . His once tense body relaxing as the hug progressed , In not sure what's wrong but I place my hands on his back and rub small circles . He immediately relaxes completely with the small gesture . He sighs and then lets me go making me blush slightly. He grabs my hand in his and pulls me out the door . "Let's go." I pull back slightly staying put "Alois what if someone sees u-."
"They won't " he interrupts sounding sure so I decide to trust him . He pulls me through the hallways and eventually we go to the main door , surprisingly I didn't see anyone at all everyone must've been outside . " Let me go out first."
He raises his eyebrow at me but let's my hand go. I walk out first a safe distance from the school and then Alois follows getting into his car, by the time he's gotten in his car I'm at the same place I asked him to let me out at this morning . Within seconds he's next me to in his car and I get in . I watch him as he drives before leaning my head back and slowly drifting to sleep. Is this what life's going to be like at school? 

And it was . For the next two weeks when it came to school me and Alois pretty much had the same routine , ignore each other through the day , I do my work in class he doesn't bring any extra attention to me in class then for my Aiding period I help him with school stuff and we get to know each other , we're pretty close now and he's one of my only other friends besides Alex . Something seemed off today though ? Alois has been fidgety all day , this morning he didn't even say anything to me before we got to school and we were now in my aiding block and he seemed so tense . What was wrong? "Alois?"
He jumps as if I startled him bringing him out of a deep thought .
"Yes Ms.Artegio ?"
Something was definitely wrong
I got from out of my seat and walked to him standing directly in front of him and his spin chair .
"What's wrong ?" He looked me over and his eyes began to get dark ? Maybe I'm imagining it.

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