Chapter 37

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"And suddenly, all the love songs were about you."

Author's p.o.v

Ramza leaned closer to Saim's face and kissed in air, some inches away from his face.

Saim put his hand on his chest and closed his eyes.

"Hayee Allah!!"
He said smiling with his eyes still closed.

He was brought out of his trance by the laughing sound of Zara and Minahil.

He opened his eyes only to see Ramza who was laughing with her hands on her mouth.

He turned his head and saw Yusha and Haider glaring at him.

Saim and Ramza sat beside Zara and Yusha.

"Who told you to be flat just by a kiss? Naak katwa di meri!!"
Haider threw cushion on Saim.

"Who says you to poke your nose everywhere? Katni to thi hi!!"
Minahil said and Haider rolled his eyes.

"I will ask this same question in front of your wife."
Saim said and turned towards Ramza.

"And I am not talking to you from now onwards."
Saim said turned his back towards Ramza.

She called him two tines but he didn't bulge.

She clenched his shirt and pulled him back and kissed his forehead.

She said with a toothy grin.

Saim was looking at her in shock.
When he didn't say anything her smile faded.

"I.. I am sorry. If you didn't like it."
She said playing with her nails.

A smile crept on Saim's lips and he pulled her in a hug.

"I loved it!!"
He felt her smiling against his chest.

Her hands were still resting in her lap.

He said sternly and she quickly encircled her arms around him.

She hide her face in his chest shyly and he giggled.

"Haider change the song yar. No one is blinking."
Minahil whined and Haider nodded.

He pressed button on remote and new tune echoed in launch.

🎵 Kash tu mery haq ma hota

Ban k yaqeen shaq ma hota
Par esa hua nahi
tu hai miilon dor kahin
tery sang pal do pal ko
hasna jo chaha to
rula k gya ishq tera
K many nhi dil yh mera
kesy chup ma karaun ry 🎵

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