Chapter 16

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I wake up to the sun shining threw the window and Hobi looking aforable while he sleeps, I take a picture and send it to the group chat.

Iris: Look how cute he is

	Iris: Look how cute he is

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Joonie: Awe

Jimin: can we order room service and have breakfast together?

Iris:That sounds nice but how do I wake hobi. I need to use the restroom and he has a deathgrip on me like i swear to god i knew y'all were strong but damn, if hobi is this strong kookie must be a god

Jungkook: not gonna disagree with that

Jin: Just whimper, he'll wake up immediately

Iris: whimper?

Jimin: yeah like you did when yoongi hyung kissed you

Yoongi: don't listen to them just whack him over the head

Taehyung: lol

Iris: his grip tightened help!!!

Joonie: i'll come wake him up i'll be over in like 3 minutes i have the spare room keys

Iris: thank you

A few minutes later the door is opening and in comes Joon, He notices the grip and laughs. He then says

"He really does have you in a deathgrip."

"Just wake him up already"

"Okay okay"

He then simply gets in on the other side of me, puts his arm around my waist and tries to take me away from hobi, who immediately wakes up and pulls me back to his chest and smacks namjoon over the head.

"Joon, what are you doing" he says

"Waking you up, Iris couldn't do it on her own and you had her in a literal deathgrip."


I giggle as he loosens his hold. I get up and walk to the bathroom where I get ready for the day. When I walk out there are not only 2 of my soulmates but 7 of them. They were all dressed, but not in what I expected. They were in swimsuits, thankfully with shirts. They all yelled


Jimin then handed me a bag, and I opened it to be met with a swimsuit. It was a lifeguard one. I went to change and put on a cover up. When we walked out the boys told me they were filming a run BTS and that I would be working as a lifeguard. I was happy I love lifeguarding. When we got down to the pool room Sejin pulled me aside and showed me all the lifeguard gear we had. He told me to set up around the pool so it was how I liked it. First thing I did was grab the backboard and put it by the shallow end because it would be easier to use there. I then put the AED by Sejin, he asked why and I replied 'cause if i need it i trust you to bring it to me. I put the CPR mask in the fanny pack along with a pair of gloves. Bang PD came up to me and said

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