― fourteen: friendship

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[ CHAPTER 14 : FRIENDSHIP : though you try, you can't hide, all the things you really feel, this time decide. that you will open up, let it in. there's no shame in sharing love you feel within. so jump right in. head over heels and fall right in. it's never too late, too late, to stop, look, listen to your heart feel what it feels.]


          PARKER STANDS AT HER locker, holding her key tightly in her hand. Cameron stands beside her, leaning up against the row of lockers, with her books for homework in hand. The brunette is unsure of whether or not she should grab her books, and ditch for her house or wait for Leo and see where that takes her. Cameron looks at her, watching as the key in her fingers wafts before the lock. "So, going to grab your books, or continue standing there like an idiot?" Parker stares back at her, narrowing her eyes in displeasure. She doesn't like being insulted.

          "I'm not standing like an idiot." She mutters, mainly to herself.

          Cameron shrugs, as she juggles her books and moves around the girl to head for the exits. "I'll be in my car, if you're not there in five minutes, I'll assume you went against my advice to go on that date with Leo." Parker scoffs, it's not a date! And she doesn't understand why the girl is so angry! It's a good tactic! Using Leo, Nico's enemy (?) maybe, to help make him jealous. Triple making sure that she's passed the dare for the week. It's not bad to be cautious. Besides, if Nico's going to be a regular part of her dares, then having Leo on her side might be a good things―chances are, Leo will be involved with them too. So, it's better now to build a relationship with him, then later.

          Finally, the girl pops open her locker, a sigh spilling out of her lips as she fetches her blue purse and grabs for her books. Considering she'll be hanging out with Leo for the day, not sure how long it'll take, homework seems like a foreign topic. How will she be able to finish her Chemistry titration worksheet, and English paper by tonight? Another night of staying up late, she supposes.


          Leo arrives turns down the corner of the hallway she's in. The first thing she notices is, he's changed his looks. Instead of wearing his sweatshirt from earlier, he has on a white button-up with a two-times-too-big red flannel lying over the top, his brown hair is still a little messy, but it looks like he's at least tried to slick it back―obviously, it didn't do what he wanted―and he changed from his ripped jeans, to a pair of nicer black ones. And he's smiling goofily, and waving at her, as he jogs down the hallway.

          Parker closes her locker as he comes to a stop in front of her. "Ready?" He asks, grinning and bouncing in his spot. Looking more than excited for whatever, he has planned. Fixing the strap of her purse to lie over her shoulder, and him taking the books in her hands into his arms, she nods. His freehand shoots to pat the top of her head, "Good, let's go."

          Noticing the glare from them touching, Leo keeps a small distance as they walk out of the building to the front of their school. They pass by familiar faces. One's Victoria, who's staring at Parker with a mix between a hesitant smile and a frown. Parker would give anything to reassure the girl that everything will be fine after this year, but she knows that wouldn't be good. She has to keep her distance! Others are Liam and Milk, who lean up against the large planter boxes. Milk staring at Leo trying to act friendly, but Liam is looking elsewhere―obviously pissed off. When Parker peers at the tall boy, he's looking straight away; ignoring them both.

          "So, you ever been dirt bike riding before?" The boy asks as he pulls his keys out from the pocket of his flannel. Parker shakes her head. She doesn't like sports or racing. Or anything involving things she can't control. She's not one for anything that isn't walking, jogging, or running. Mischievously, Leo grins at her, "This is going to be fun."

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