Chapter 7 - I am Over

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"Life would be so much easier if we had the answers for all these confusing feelings." ~ quote of the day


Hritika's POV

'It can't be him! It can't be him!'

'You're dreaming. wake-up, wake-up, wake-up!!' I chanted in my mind like a life-saving mantra.

I pinched myself strongly on the wrist and suppressed the pain by biting my lips.

'It Not A Dream, It's A Real Idiot!' Shouted my annoying inner voice.

it's really him! The Siddharth Malhotra! The hottest walking Greek god Whom I had inadvertently asked if he was a gay.

"Yes, it's me whom you called gay!" He said making me jump a feet few away, putting my hands on my racing heartbeats when my killer stilettos tripped and my eyes closed tightly when I lost my balance.

Oh no, Mumma!

He quickly grabbed my waist before I could kiss the floor and we stared at each other eyes, only to be lost in his beautiful blue / grey eyes.

When did he get here? Is he like a ninja or something? Sneaking from behind like some secret assassin.

He balanced me and stood us straight. Now I am trapped between the edge of the desk and him. His hands resting on either of my sides on the table.

"Let me help you to clarify your doubt!" He smirked twisting and twirling my some strands of hair with his index finger and thumb.

"What!?" I asked confused because I don't know what is he talking about?

He leaned in so close to me that his mouth was almost touching my ear as his breath fanned the side of my face. My body tensed at our closeness. It feels like the most intimate position I ever had been with anyone.

"If I am gay or not!" He said in a voice that it was low and seductive. He started trailing kisses from my ear to neck while I could smell his cologne. He gripped my waist and pulled me more closer, my chest collided with his. He took my earlobe in his mouth and started nibbling and biting on it. I don't know what's happening.

A moan escaped from my lips that's when I got my consciousness back but he has already left my earlobe and He was smirking at me.

"I guess that clears your doubt!" He said and with that, he sat on his chair as if nothing happened and I was staring at him like a fool.

'Hritika what were you doing when he was kissing you, you should have pushed him but no this Queen did not know what was happening And the Dumbest person of the year award goes to Hritika Singh Shekhawat' my inner voice mocked me.

'Shut up and where were you when I needed you so you're the dumbest person' I taunted back.

"Hritika! Are you going to just stand there or will sit too?" He said still smirking and I sit down before inhaling air.

Two can play at this game.

He just stared at me as if I am built by constellation and he's got all night to go stargazing. I squirmed under his gaze in nervousness.

"Sir?" I asked and he sighs.

"Did you bring your notepad?" He asked.

"Yes Sir!" I didn't forget to bring it because I used to see my father and brother's assistant always carry with them.

"Then take it out!" He said and I take it out but I didn't bring a pen with me, now what will I do then I looked in front of my boss desk and there was a lot of pens. Now how will I reach there, that was far within my reach so I stared at my boss for the pen?

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