Chapter 38

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"Qabool hai! Qabool hai! Qabool hai
Mainu Teri bewafai bh qabool hai
Fizool hai! Fizool hai! Fizool
Meri Teri bina zindgi fizool

Author's p.o.v

"Neha you sure you don't want to go??"
Tooba said to Neha coming in porch.

"Yeah bhabhi! I don't feel like going anywhere. You and Rehab bhai go and enjoy."
Neha said with a smile on her lips.

Tooba smiled back and sat in car's passenger seat.

Rehab turned the engine on and soon car was running on road.

Neha sighed and went back to her room.

Tooba and Rehab went for shopping.

Haider and beejan went to orphanage for giving annual funds .

Yusha and Saim were at  Warehouse.

Neha was whole alone in house.

She was not feeling like going anywhere.

She put the prayer mat aside after prayer Asar namaz.

She went to get Qur'an from cupboard when she heard someone's calling her.

"Neha Bibi g"
She turned around and saw her maid Sakina standing there panting.

"What happened Sakina? Why are you panting? Is everything OK?"
She made her sit on her bed and gave her a glass of water.

"Drink it.."
Sakina gulped down the whole glass in one breath.

"Now tell me what happened?"

"Bibi g Zaroon sir came."


"He has huge cuts on his chest and hand. His whole shirt was drowned in blood."
And neha felt like someone has snatched the earth, under her feet.

She managed to say.

"G bibi g."

"Where is he?"

"He is in launch. He was asking for Rehab bhai but I told him that no one is home."
Sakina stood up and was about yo speak but Neha rushed towards launch without listening her.

She shouted running.

A gasp left her mouth when she saw him laying on sofa with his eyes half closed.

Sakina was right.
His white shirt was completely drowned in blood.

She took baby steps towards him not believing her eyes.

He quickly opened his eyes.

He was breathing heavily.


Soon realization hit Neha.

She ran towards him and sat on her knees in front of him.

She shouted.

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