2 - Hit Him Again!

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Track Two: Hit Him Again!

Album: Iron Man 2

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
The flight to France was an experience, a great one. Being in a comfy and cozy private jet was a large step up from an inclosed metal one.

So far my mission was going well. I don't know what triggered the connection, but as of right now Tony Stark sees me as an ally. Which is perfect. He even had Pepper take me out shopping before the trip, just so I could have something nicer to wear.

In the end I picked up a blue 50's inspired dress that reached past my knees, with a matching blue and white overcoat. Surprisingly it was Pepper who picked it out for me, saying it was and I quote, "The trending topic"

The entire time we drove to the Grand Prix my head was looking out the window. It was almost insane how large the world truly was out there.

My eyes couldn't help but widened as we stopped in front of a large building with gates blocking off crowds of people screaming at us.

Almost on instinct I grabbed for my blade, but it wasn't there. I tended up forgetting that normal kids don't carry swords wherever they go, making me feel less then secure.

"It's a lot to take in, huh?" A voice told me, breaking my tension.

I looked to my side seeing a smirk on the billionaire's face, "Huh?" I tilted my head.

He shrugged, "I wasn't used to large crowds as a kid either, but... soon it will be easier, feeling almost normal"

I couldn't help but chuckled, "I'm sorry Mr. Stark, but I don't see how this," I gestured to the outside screaming. "Could ever be normal"

"You'd be surprised," he exclaimed before putting his hand on the door handle. "And I told you to call me Tony, I'm your guardian as of this moment"

"Temporary guardianship" I pointed out.

"As of now," he chuckled. "You'll be fine"

As he opened the door were immediately hit by shouts of people screaming at and for Tony. My eyes winced at the flashes of cameras, when I exited the car.

"Smile and wave kid, just smile and wave" he told me as we walked inside of the building.

My head kept shifting around the area, trying to get a good view of the place. At first I was checking for escape and weak points, someone could sneak past, but soon I was just staring at the architecture, "So this... is a normal day for you guys?" I asked still snapping my head around the area.

There were so many high profiled men and women around me, making a ten year old stick out like a sword on a child.

"Yup, parties, events-"

"And hard work to help keep your business afloat" Pepper cut him off.

"Wow" I gasped out in amazement.

"You know, it's Europe. Whatever happens the next 20 minutes, just go with it" Tony told us as we entered the main room.

"Go with what?" I asked as a very familiar women walked forward in a black semi-formal dress.

"Mr Stark?" Natasha greeted us.

"Hey" he checked her out making me uncomfortable.

He was truly just like his father, which according to Peggy a women who used to come and see me from time to time, was an ultimate ladies man.

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