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Charlotte and Katherine were sitting at the table near the door in silence

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Charlotte and Katherine were sitting at the table near the door in silence. Charlotte was a little too overwhelmed by the events of her first day back alive to say anything, whilst Katherine was wracked with outward boredom and inward terror.

They'd been sitting alone in the apartment for quite a while now, Klaus had left soon after he'd compelled Charlotte. She had tried to leave, with no success of course. She didn't particularly believe that she'd be free once she had her necklace returned to her, but she couldn't exactly not try.

Charlotte had pulled the door open and a glimmer of hope filled her, but as she walked forwards a barrier stopped her. It was like walking directly into a wall, she couldn't even get her foot past the threshold. Katherine watched on with sympathy, having tried the very same thing the first time she was alone too.

So here they sat, Katherine leaning on the back of the chair head on her hands, Charlotte with her legs tucked to her chest and her arms around herself. The door slammed open suddenly and loud and both girls heads shot up.

"Where's Maddox?" Klaus stormed in "He should be back by now."

"I don't know," Katherine answered, "What are you doing? Where is Elena?" she pried for information. Charlotte leaned forwards, feet falling to the ground, she too wanted to know the fate of Elena.

"I sent her off with Greta." Klaus replied, barely acknowledging them. He pulled a computer out as he spoke, looking at a dark video on screen where they could hear a woman screaming. "It's almost time."

For the second time, the door swung open dramatically. Charlottes hand flew to Katherines as she stared in shock at their visitor.

Klaus sat back in his chair, speaking without turning to look. "I wasn't aware you'd been invited in."

Damon stood before them, Charlotte moved to her brother but Katherines hand pulled her back to the seat, a warning glance shot at her. "I've come here to tell you to postpone the ritual," he said.

"Didn't we already have this conversation."

"Yeah, but that was before I rescued your werewolf and vampire." Damon retorted, "and killed your witch."

"Excuse me," Klaus stood from his chair.

"And you can kill me for it. Let my sister go and kill me. I don't care."

"Ah," said Klaus, "so you're a Salvatore, love. That makes things more interesting."

"Damon, what are you doing" Charlotte cried out softly, terrified. She tugged herself from Katherines grip for a brief moment, she couldn't understand how making Klaus mad would do anything other than put them all in more danger.

"Shut it Charlie. I'm fixing it," He called back, his eyes not wavering from Klaus' "It was all me."

"Charlotte darling, Katerina, give us a moment,"

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