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The buzzing was what first stirred Charlotte and Klaus from their sleep

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The buzzing was what first stirred Charlotte and Klaus from their sleep. It was his phone on the table but he ignored it, eyes screwed tight Charlotte snuggled in closer. Klaus was so warm, his arms where wrapped tight around her, hers tucked to her chest beneath her chin. 

Her breath blew softly, causing hairs that had come loose from her braids to tickle his chest. The buzzing started again and then stopped. Then the banging began, hard on the door, it was more difficult to ignore and Klaus opened his eyes grumpily.

"Go away," he growled, the volume causing Charlotte to stir, her hand moved to rub her eyes, she had to shuffle a little to get it out from between them.

"Klaus, it's Charlotte," Stefans voice called with worry, "She's not in her room."

Klaus let out a loud laugh that made Charlotte's head bounce against his chest and Charlotte now well awake reddened, pulling the covers up and over her head. 

It was a lot easier to be in Klaus' bed at two am shaking, in the light of the day it was a little different and she wasn't eager to explain to her brother. Stefan was the more understanding of her two brothers, but she was laying in bed with the man who'd kidnapped her and threatened both of them countless times.

"Klaus this is serious," Stefan was getting mad now, hand on the doorknob trying to get his attention, "I think something's happened to her."

"I assure you she's quite fine." Klaus replied, walking to the door when it was clear Stefan wouldn't leave. 

The door swung open and Klaus had a mischievous smile on his face as he dramatically swung his arm around to Charlotte, red faced and tugging the covers over her head. Stefans face dropped in surprise, taking in Charlottes face reddened and hiding, Klaus' messy hair and absent shirt.

If you'd asked Stefan to list the top ten places he'd expected to find his sister after she'd been pulled whimpering from a man who'd been assaulting her, in Klaus' bed wouldn't have even made the shortlist.

"I'm good," Charlotte squeaked out as Stefan locked eyes with her. He didn't reply and Charlotte felt her embarrassment at being caught in Klaus' bed turn into regret, sighing Stefan turned from the door.

"We'll let you know when it's time to leave," Klaus called out after him, laughter breaking through as he spoke before sliding back into bed beside her. 

Charlotte was well hidden beneath the covers now, as Klaus pulled them away from her head he laughed again to see her hands covering her face in shame. Ignoring her attempts to hide he simply pulled her back towards him, tucking her into his chest. 

Charlotte felt surprisingly safe with this Klaus, he was gentle with her. Lying in his arms as they both tried to sleep again, Charlotte didn't feel the hatred of him she'd felt so strongly when they first met. She didn't feel frightened of him either, she trusted him, to an extent.

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