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The next week passed awkwardly for the three of them, well for Charlotte and Stefan, Klaus wasn't bothered by any of it only mildly amused

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The next week passed awkwardly for the three of them, well for Charlotte and Stefan, Klaus wasn't bothered by any of it only mildly amused. Stefan was worried about the relationship between Klaus and Charlotte, worried Klaus was weaselling his way in and that Charlotte was going to get taken advantage of. He could see the way Klaus would watch Charlotte, eyes flitting to the bruise on her neck, he didn't trust Klaus and didn't want him any closer to her than Stefan could help.

The bruise on her neck was almost faded but she'd taken to gathering her hair on the side so that it was hidden. She didn't like the way she would catch Klaus looking at it, brows furrowed and lips pursed. Then when she turned to Stefan, she'd catch him glaring through the mirror at Klaus. 

Covering it up was just easier for everyone.

Charlotte was doing what she could to keep her distance from Klaus, trying to keep the peace between Stefan and Klaus. Secretly, she was a little sick of Stefans brooding, his watchful eyes over every interaction with Klaus. She was sick of the way Klaus would taunt Stefan, making jokes about his gloomy mood and tension.

He'd given Charlotte a little space, letting her tug her hand from his and walk beside Stefan at least, a vague improvement. They were back to sleeping in the car again, driving through the night in silence or with the radio on low. Klaus and Stefan had phones to fiddle on at least while they relaxed but Charlotte had nothing so when the silence rang out and no one wanted the radio on she was struck with frustration and boredom.

Charlotte was over it really. She was bored, she felt gross, and her body was sore from staying cramped. She didn't like the guilt she felt every time she saw Stefans face watching her and she didn't like Klaus' each time he managed to rile Stefan up. She was over being in a car for days straight with nothing to do. She missed her relationship with Stefan and she missed Damon immensely. She wanted to ask Klaus to let her call him again but she didn't trust him not to use it as an opportunity to taunt Stefan in some way.

Klaus was allowing Charlotte a chance to repair her relationship with her brother. 

Who was he to care what she did or how she felt, she was here with them because Klaus wanted her here. He wanted her here to punish her brother Damon for his indiscretions and to remind Stefan to follow his orders. The only reason he didn't like seeing her with that man on her because it was him who decided what she could and couldn't do. He only helped her because he didn't exactly want to deal with Stefans whinging if she was hurt, that was all. He was in charge, not them.

He didn't care how she felt. He didn't like the bruise on her neck, but it wasn't because he cared about her.

Klaus didn't care about her in the slightest, he preferred when she was happy only because she became broody like her brother when she was miserable. He did miss the lightness in her voice chattering away with Stefan as he drove, or the teasing lilt in her voice as she and Klaus ate while they waited on Stefan.

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