4 - Blood

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Track Four: Blood

Album: Iron Man 2

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
No one talks about how good Apple fritter donuts are. Like, why are they so nicely glazed but with sweet applyly filling. I should probably watch out considering if Natasha saw me eating this, she'd make me do a run, since I'm not allowed to have any sugar.

"I told you I don't wanna join your super-secret boy band" Tony sighed from the seat in front of Fury.

I huffed licking my fingers from glaze as I listened to my boss talk to Tony. It's been a day since his birthday party disaster and Shield isn't taking it that lightly.

Sharon picked me up from Pepper's apartment this morning and said I'd be back by dinner. At first I thought they were pulling me out, until my suit was thrown at me.

Now I'm here. At a random donut shop in the middle of nowhere. Some may say wearing a spy suit to interrogate a billionaire in a random donut shop is strange... and they'd be right. This is kind of a first for me.

"No, no, no. See, I remember, you do everything yourself. How's that working out for you?" Nick scoffed.

"It's...It's...It's...I'm sorry. I don't wanna get off on the wrong foot. Do I look at the patch or the eye? Honestly I'm a bit hung over. I'm not sure if you're real of if I'm having-" Tony made fun of him.

"I am very real. I'm the realest person you're ever gonna meet" he Fury cut him off.

"Just my luck. Where's the staff here?" Tony looked around the empty mom and pop shop.

"That's not looking so good" Nick noticed Tony's scars.

"I've been worse" he told them.

I continued to listen to the two's battle as Natasha walked up next to me. I hid the last of my treat behind my back as she went past, "Stay here till we give the signal" Nat informed me and walked over out the kitchen door and went to join the two over by a booth.

I leaned out the door and began to watch their interactions. She strutted up to the boys making Tony glance up in pure shock, "We've secured the perimeter but I don't think we should hold it for too much longer"

"You're... fired" he continued to look at her trying to find something to say.

"That's not up to you" she smirked sitting next to him.

"Tony, I want you to meet Agent Romanoff" Nick properly introduced her.

"Hi" he grit his teeth, making me sense a wad of anger on his face.

"I'm a Shield shadow. I was tasked to study you by Director Fury" Nat exclaimed as he still tried to process everything.

"I suggest you apologise" he told her becoming easily offended.

"You've been very busy," Fury leaned forward. "You made your girl your CEO, you are shadowing a F.B.A.P, you're giving away all your stuff and you let your friend fly away with your suit... Now, if I didn't know better..."

"You don't know better. I didn't give it to him. He took it" Tony cut Nick off.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. He took it? You're Iron Man and he just took it? The little brother walked in there, kicked your ass and took your suit?" He fake gasped, "Is that possible?"

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