Sweet (Bitter) Revenge (Shadow the Hedgehog x Reader) Part One

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A/n: I'm going to add some time gaps in the story of Sonic Forces, so just keep that in mind.

The (a/t) jumped over the lasers emitted from the numerous Badniks that mysteriously kept appearing. Only two minutes ago, she had the whole situation handled. Then a red light had spread over the area and they just kept coming.

"Shadow, please report and tell me what is going on," she said into her comm.

"Shadow's unconscious right now," Rouge replied. "That red flash did a real number on him." (Y/n) frowned and kicked a Badnik aside.

"I'm retreating," she said. "This situation is no longer under control." She used her grappling hook to launch herself onto the rooftops and back to headquarters.

"Shadow? What happened? Why did the red light 'do a number on you?'" (Y/n) demanded when she marched inside. Shadow was leaning on the wall, gripping his head. Rouge hovered anxiously over him.

"Omega...Rouge...(Y/n)...(Y/n)!" He gasped, stumbling forward and falling to his knees. "Get out of my head!"

"Hey," (Y/n) said, snapping her fingers in front of Shadow's face. He grabbed her arm in a death grip, squeezing. The (a/t) hissed in pain, lashing out and grabbing the hedgehog's ear. She gave it a sharp tug and Shadow grunted, slapping her hand. He blinked, light returning to his red eyes.

"What was that about?" (Y/n) said, gripping her wrist. Shadow looked up at her, his ears flattening to his head and a suddenly extremely vulnerable look entering his eyes. He sprang up and tackled her in a hard embrace. "Whoa! Shadow! What are you doing?"

"You're alive," he whispered. He pushed her back, then without warning kissed her hard. Rouge cooed, mockingly putting a hand in front of her eyes.

(Y/n) and Shadow were a thing. They weren't very showy about it for field reasons, but a select few knew. Sonic was one of the unfortunate ones and often teased them about it.

"He killed you," Shadow growled after they broke apart. He buried his face in her neck, his hands gripping her arms tightly as if to make sure she wasn't going anywhere. "You were dead in front of me and I couldn't move."

"So you had a nightmare," (Y/n) said. He nodded into her neck. "Okay, now let it go. It's fine. Who was this guy?"

"I don't know. He seemed familiar, but I couldn't pin it down. My thoughts were scrambled. You, Rouge, Omega, you were all talking but it was confusing and...." He groaned, sliding down and gripping his head.

"What's going on?" the (a/t) said to Rouge. She shook her head, grabbing Shadow's shoulders.

"Whoever this guy is, he's somehow getting into Shadow's head," the bat said. "I don't think we should ask him about it right now. Help me get him to the medical room."

They did so, hauling Shadow to the medical room and laying him on the bed. He turned from side to side, groaning. His hands gripped the sides of the bed, bending the metal frame.

"I'll keep an eye on him," (Y/n) said. "You go and figure out the source of the signal."

"Yes, ma'am," Rouge said, saluting. (Y/n) sat down, not daring to touch Shadow in fear of recieving another death grip.

"What is going on inside your head?" she wondered. It wouldn't be long before she found out.



He looked around, his breaths coming out heavy and hard. He knocked a fist against his head. "Get out," he snarled. "Get out!"

"What's wrong, Shadow?" He looked over at the speaker. (Y/n). She had her signature smirk that he had fallen in love with. Then it was erased with a mocking expression. "I thought you were the Ultimate Lifeform."

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