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Our week in Hawaii was up and I could tell Ace enjoyed it a lot.

We were on the plane back home but little did Ace know I had one last surprise waiting for him at home.

"Do you know how hard it was to hide that tattoo from you?" I grinned evilly. "No?" He mumbled, flicking through his phone. I took out my phone and got a picture of him. He gave me a glare. "Oh come on, get in one with me?" I pleaded. I had very little photos of me and Ace together because he doesn't like to take photo's. Not to mention he's probably the most wanted man in the world but what I can I do about it?.

"I was actually wondering, how do you stop the cops from arresting you?" I asked curiously as I scrolled through my phone. "I pay them, plus it's not like they can just storm in and take me, I'm the Mafia king, I have people who work in the police force from my mafia" he explained staring out the window of the airplane.

"Yeah that's true" I mumbled, resting my head on his shoulder.

"I won't be home for a few day's when we get back" he warned me suddenly. "What are you going to do?" I replied, a crease appearing between my eyebrows due to my confusion. "I'm going to kill my father, but I have travel for a bit before I reach him" he mumbled, his head now resting against mine. "I'll be leaving you at the airport with Ice and he will bring you home with multiple guards" Ace informed me. "You have to call me at least once everyday until I get back and text me regularly with updates" he demanded.

"I'm just hoping Ice doesn't do anything stupid while I'm home" I smiled, closing my eyes.

Not long after I fell asleep.

I woke up to Ace tapping my shoulder and telling me that we had landed. He took our suitcases and we entered the airport after going through security. Ace's tan had gotten darker due to the constant sun in Hawaii and my hair had lightened slightly. Ace's darker tan just made his eyes more noticeable than before. Ace's chain around his neck had left the skin under it a lighter shade of colour since he refused to take it off.

As we were walking through the airport, I spotted Ice standing at an escalator. Not long after he spotted me and Ace and I've never saw a happier expression on his face. "Ace and Sofia" he cheered running up to us and instantly jumping into my arms. "What happened to you hating Sofia?" Ace glared at him. "She grew on me" he grinned, hugging me tighter than before.

There was no romance or tension between me and Ice, we were simply best friends now. I've started seeing the brighter side to Ice and the undying loyalty he has for his friends. Secretly Ice was a good person, even though he's done some messed up things. I've forgiven him for everything before, mainly because I know now that he was afraid I was going to destroy Ace.

"I have to go on another fucking plane; Sofia be careful" Ace warned me before grabbing my face gently and kissing me. "And you, protect her with your life if anything happens, that's a demand" Ace ordered while pointing at Ice. "It's rude to point" I uttered in a cheeky tone as Ace walked away from us.

"Okay now that he's gone, I did a bad thing" he clenched his teeth while he stared at me with widened eyes. "Oh no, what did you do?" I spoke with a bland tone as I shook my head. "You'll see once we get home" ice mumbled, leading me out of the airport.

We hopped in a taxi and eventually reached home.

Ice carried in my suitcase and as I entered the house, Ice yelled and I saw the tiniest husky puppy run up to Ice. My jaw instantly dropped at the sight of the puppy. "Ace is going to kill you" I laughed as I petted the small puppy. It was just a massive ball of moving fluff. "His name is Flash" Ice stated proudly as he lifted the puppy into his arms.

"Flash's eyes are a light blue, almost like the colour of Ice, get it" I mumbled with a grin. "That was so bad, please never say that again" Ice glared at me and I couldn't help but laugh. "Ice where have you-" I heard a familiar voice say. "DANTE" I shrieked, running up the stairs and into his arms. "Sofia" he uttered, hugging me tightly.

"How are you? How have you been?" I questioned him eagerly, wanting to know the answers. "I've been good but running things back at the base has been challenging, I can't lie. I don't know how Ace does it" he shrugged. "Oh yeah, speaking of Ace, you guys have a few days to set up for your guys night since he's gone to kill his father" I rambled carelessly while walking down the stairs.

I glanced back at Ice and Dante who just stared at eachother with widened eyes. "Oh shit, did he not tell you guys?" I muttered, wanting to punch myself. "No he didn't but his father deserves it so I don't blame him" Ice grumbled while petting his puppy.

Flash barked happily and tried to bite Ice. "Ah you little shit" Ice growled at Flash who had rolled onto his back with his four paws in the air and tongue hanging out of his mouth.

"Well I'm happy that mother fucker is getting what he deserves. He killed my girlfriend" Dante shook his head, not wanting to remember that night.

"I have a question" I muttered suddenly to Dante who stood on the end of the stairs. "Yeah?" He replied with a curious tone. "How could you tell me you loved me, if the girl you actually loved died not long before?" I asked, hoping that my question didn't sound too insensitive.

"Well I guess I never really loved her but that didn't mean that she deserved to die or that I'm not sad that she died" Dante spoke with a hint of sadness in his voice. "Oh okay" I nodded. That made sense to me.

Thank you all for being so patient with me and my posting. I apologise for the long wait.

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