Chapter Seven: Bond Between Sisters

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Those hateful violet eyes that I had recurring nightmares about, I looked straight into them without hesitating. Time stood still. We both looked at each other as if we would stare a hole through one another. My father's voice brought me back to reality and broke the tension between us.

He walked upto me and said, "Where is Mariah and Aaron? Why are you alone without a guard?"
I was about to answer but he kept on speaking, "Well never mind that...I believe we have some matters to discuss. Can we go to a corner and talk privately?"

"Surely, father," I replied obediently.

He turned his head in the direction Raelia stood and told her to wait a bit.

After we were a fair distance away from Raelia, my father said, "That girl you just saw, she is going to be your little sister from now on. I adopted her from an orphanage. They abused and starved the children there. I made sure that the orphanage is closed down and the children receive proper treatment but I just could not ignore that little girl. Her state was the worst among all of the children. I am sure you are surprised by the sudden appearance of an unfamiliar face but I hope you can treat her kindly as an older sister."

Oh father, it's because you were always so kind, you were kind to a fault but don't worry I am not surprised after all I had lived with that monster for years. Well time to show my acting skills. Let's do this Eliza!

"Father it's no inconvenience. I have always wanted a younger sibling. I am grateful and happy about her arrival," I answered teary-eyed.

"I knew you would understand. I am proud of the person you have grown into. Now then, should we head back to greet your younger sister?" my father said, patting my head.

In response I nodded enthusiastically. I felt guilty about lying to father but I had no choice. We walked towards Raelia and my father started with the introductions.

Facing Raelia whilst pointing at me, he voiced, "She is going to be your older sister from now on. Her name is Eliza Arielle Rosario. I remember you saying you don't have a name. Therefore I will give you a name. Your name shall be Raelia Rosario and from now on you are a part of the Rosario House. If you face any problems or have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or Eli. Consider us your family from now on."

Nobles are bestowed a middle name by The Temple. The Temple is a place where priests worship all the Spirits who exist. The ritual granting a middle name is sacred and the middle name is said to act as a lucky charm for its owner. Thus it came to be known as a 'blessed name'. Raelia did not have noble blood flowing through her so she never received a middle name. This resulted in her being ostracized in high society quite a few times in the future. As soon as father stopped speaking, I ran over to Raelia and with a huge smile across my face, grasped her tiny hands.

"I am so happy to have a little sister. From now on I'll take good care of you," I stated, while grinning from ear to ear.

That's right...I'll take very good care of you.

Although awkwardly, Raelia nodded with a little smile. After introducing the new member of the family to all the people at the estate, father, Raelia and I all retired to our respective chambers.

Laying on my bed, I could feel my heart pounding loudly in my chest as if it were to pop out any given second. I tried to calm down but my efforts were futile. This was the moment I had been waiting for patiently. The days ahead of me are certainly going to be interesting and enjoyable.
The next morning Mariah once again got a shock after seeing my face. I couldn't sleep a wink but I didn't feel tired at all. Just thinking about the different ways, I would torture Raelia excited me.

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