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(It took way to long to write this chapter so ENJOY!!!)
Harry's pov

I smoothed down my hair as much as possible while I walked out of the bathroom. Ron was staring at the mirror in disgust and trying to hide the ruffles. He looked at my dress robes.
"What are those?!" He said.
"My dress robes."
"Well they're alright. No lace, no collar."
"Well I expect yours are more traditional," I reassured.
"Traditional?! They're ancient! I look like my great aunt Tessie."
He smelled his robes.
"I smell like my great aunt Tessie,"he whined. "Murder me, Harry."

We walked down to the Great Hall, which was crowded with students already. Ron was still trying to hide the ruffles.
"Poor kid, bet she's alone in her room crying her eyes out,"Ron said to me.
"Hermione of course. Come on Harry, why'd you think she wouldn't tell us who she's coming with?"
"Well remember how we reacted when we found out who Y/n's going with?"
"But Y/n's ...different."

"Hello Harry,"Cho said as we approached the crowd by the Great Hall.
"Hello boys. Don't you look...dashing,"Parvati said with a glance at Ron's dress robes.
"Here you are Potter. Are you and Miss Chang ready?" McGonagall said from behind me.
"Ready professor?"
"To dance. It's traditional that the three champions or in this case four are the first to dance. Surely I told you that."
"Oh. Well now you know. Oh, as for Mr. Weasley, you may proceed to the Great Hall with Miss Patil."
McGonagall turned away and likely left to find another one of the champions.

"I knew that dress would look good on her," Parvati said.
"McGonagall?!" Ron said.
"What? No, Hermione," Parvati said.
Hermione was walking toward Krum and she did look good, but I was still looking for Y/n.

Your pov

"I'm so scared 'Mione," I said for the tenth time tonight. I sat in front of a mirror while she did the finishing touches on my hair and makeup.

"Y/n, for the last time, you look great," Hermione sighed and finished tucking the last pin in her hair. "Now put on your dress before you're late."

"Okay mom," I said, playfully rolling my eyes.

I started pulling on a long, dark red dress with silver designs on the bodice. (You can imagine whatever you want but I'm just using something along those lines).
"Y/n, are you ready yet?" Hermione called from the door.
"You can go 'Mione. Wouldn't want to keep an international Quidditch player waiting!"
"Whatever you say Y/n," she laughed and left the dorm.

I took one last look in the mirror gazing at my hair swept gracefully in a bun and the natural makeup highlighting my face. I stepped out of the dorm and out of the common room taking deep breathes. I reached the stair case to the Great Hall and slowly started walking down the staircase.

Harry's pov

"Parvati, has Y/n come down yet?" I asked.
"I don't know. I'll go ask Hermione," she said and left quickly, probably to get away from Ron's awkward company.

She came back a moment later.
"She's still up there," Parvati said. "Oh look, here she comes. No wonder she took so long!"
Y/n shot a nervous smile at me and walked over to Cedric. I watched her figure, which was perfectly accented by her dress. Her h/c hair was complimented as well.
"Harry. Harry!" Cho said waving her hand in front of my face.

Cedric's pov

"Y-Y/n! You look incredible!" I said.
"Thanks! You look great too!" She said and gave me her perfect smile.
"Are you two ready to dance?" Professor McGonagall said walking up to us.
"Ready as I'll ever be Professor," Y/n said.
"Good. And may I say that you two look great," she said and walked into the Great Hall.

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