XXXII. Last Day

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The following day came, and it was the last day of the tournament. Kai, Jace, Raina, and Lena were the only ones left, so they were the only ones in any of the dugouts.
Meanwhile, Dai and Melany simply joined the others in the audience seating, joining Luke and Aria who were sitting with Judith and Max.

"Hey guys," Dai smiled, sitting between Luke and Max.
"Hey hey," Luke smiled, "Can you believe this thing is almost over?"
"Yeah, I can," Dai shrugged, "I'm curious to see who wins."
"They're all good candidates for the win," Melany said.
"Ehm... I'm reserving my hopes for Kai," Judith decided.
Luke leaned and whispered in Dai's ear, "No surprise there."

Just then, Ms. Danford's voice boomed all across the arena.
"Ladies and gentlemen," she said, "Welcome to the final day of the 2016 New Haven Gifted Tournament! We have four competitors remaining, but one will walk away today with our solid gold medal!"
She held up the medal in question, and the crowd applauded.

In the dugout, the four remaining competitors looked at one another.
"Good luck, you guys," Kai said encouragingly, "No holding back, right?"
"Right," Raina nodded simply.

"The first battle of our semifinals will be between Raina Fray and Jace Verrater," Danford announced.
Raina and Jace exchanged a look, and the blonde girl just sighed and stood up.
"Come on, then," she said as she headed out onto the arena. Jace followed her, but before he stepped onto the arena, he turned to look at Lena. Lena just gave him a small smile, and Jace gave her a little wave before continuing to follow Raina.
Kai had watched the whole thing, and he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, smirking.
"Jace, huh?" he asked.
Lena tensed up, annoyed, "What is that supposed to mean?"
"I mean, I'm not into guys, but he's a looker I suppose," Kai shrugged, "Fancy him?"
Lena scoffed and crossed her arms, "You wish, тупица."
Kai blinked, before shaking his head knowingly, a sly grin on his face.

Meanwhile, Jace and Raina faced each other in the center of the arena.
"As you well know, you have twenty minutes," Danford announced, "Now... begin!"
Immediately, Raina spun around and flung two fireballs. Panicking, Jace teleported out the way, transporting himself behind her.
Raina was turning around when she felt a kick in her side, forcing her back onto the sand.

Jace, realizing what he did, cupped his hands over his mouth.
Lena and Kai were shocked as well.
"Oh, he's dead," Kai muttered.

"Sorry!" Jace called to Raina as she got up.
The blonde stood up, brushing sand out of her hair.
"It's a fight," Raina replied, "Don't say sorry, lemme see hands."
She held up her fists, which sported bright pink flames.
Jace stepped back, intimidated. A brief moment later, his expression turned to determined, and lightning covered his own fists.

He ran forward, one fist raised back. Raina charged as well, flying towards him at speed.
Raina just thrusted her fist forward, when Jace teleported out of the way.
She lost her balance, and tumbled across the sand again.
She landed on her stomach, and punched the ground in frustration before she got up.

She saw Jace a few feet away, in a battle-ready stance.
Raina grunted in annoyance and started throwing fireball after fireball.
Jace ran to avoid them, teleporting a couple more times.
He then teleported behind Raina once again midair, his foot about to come down on her.
Raina then caught sight of him behind her with only a glimpse, and she grabbed his foot before he could hit her, and threw him over her head, onto the sand.
Jace groaned as Raina kept holding his foot.

"Not bad," she smiled, "But, you can't use that cheap trick twice."
Jace grunted as he struggled to free himself from her. All the teleporting tired him out already, and he was running out if options.
Suddenly, he had an idea, and electrocuted his foot, causing Raina to be electrocuted.
Raina grunted in pain, before finally letting go and stumbling back.

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